Types of Black Magic
Guys, we've already talked about another thing about Black Magic. Today, you will know the types of Black Magic. Come on!
They are spiritual processes with the intention of uniting two people, commissioned by someone who wishes to be with someone else; so he pays for a sorcerer for this purpose.
They operate through the invocation of spirits who will torment the tied person until she returns to whoever ordered the mooring.
The spirit to whom the mooring job was commissioned will cause the person to have a sexual desire for the person who ordered it, will disrupt it, will break the life and strength of the tied, bend his will and make it remain tame , creating the vulnerability that opens the doors and that is grabbed by those who tied.
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They are signs or omens that are fulfilled in a person's life. It is possible to know what is good or bad will happen to him, since these signs are not always of magic or curse, they can be also natural.
For example: Has it happened that you wake up and that day everything goes wrong? Or start to see the hearse, insistently, how do they cross at all crossroads? Or have bad dreams that come true? Or feel discomfort, something wrong and soon happen?
Events of this genre are foreboding of what is to come, often are the results of a spiritual evil that is in your life.
Greek term "daimon + manteia" - it is the knowledge of the future by the inspiration of the demons.
It is considered the true source of all the divinatory arts that does not fit in a form of consultation the olorum and its Oracles, equally powerful whose source resides in the dead or in the spirits of the darkness. The degree of reliability or truth is therefore infallible, yet the difference lies in the source of prophetic inspiration.
They are obstacles that constantly block the life of a person, at whatever level: sentimental, family, professional, financial, etc. Obstacles constitute real blockages in a person's life, closing all doors and creating an obstruction in all directions.
Nothing evolves in this case, everything stagnates, no matter how much effort they have. Hits can be the result of a spiritual problem, but they are usually the fruits of witchcraft.
What's up
It is a way of breaking a person or a family, for example. It is a spiritual process in which the person feels weakened, with great discouragement, without strength, without courage for anything.
The victim of Quebranto becomes indecisive, aimless, spiritually broken, without psychic forces, totally defeated.
Quebranto can result from simple things like evil eye and envy, but usually, in the most serious cases, come from powerful wizards.
Infestation happens when negative forces are cast through a curse against a person, a family or place like home, business, home.
The infestation takes over when infested by negative spirits. The person who is infested or who is in contact with the infested place begins to act contrary to their interests, thus generating true chaos and ruin at all levels of their life, everything that is evil is attracted to that person. When the infestation is entrenched in this person, negative events begin to occur non-stop. After some time, the person does not even realize that he has entered this little twist of misfortune.
The evil is the product of doing evil to someone with the resources of witchcraft and spells, so many people feel evil in their lives does not even know what it is. A mischief can be translated into laziness, a break, a curse.
Bad look
It is a deep look behind which hideous evil or the plea of ​​plagues. This act may be unconscious, but the evil eye is directed by someone envious or evil. The term also applies to envy, evil-of-envy or spells cast at someone.
Black Masses
The Luciferians, Satanists, Quimbangers and others believe that by performing an inversion of the Christian Mass they are having inverse effects, that is, they are invoking spirits of the dark, devils and the devil himself.
They make offerings and are doing Black Magic with the intention of getting the benefits they want.
They are wrongdoings, the wiles of a sorcerer.
Negative spirits belonging to the Kingdom of Quimbanda. They are obsessors who take hold of humans or lean on them giving negative ideas of diseases, evils, suicide, etc. They are still mystifying, posing as higher spirits, also called "tails of encruza", are in the seventh and final plane of spiritual hierarchy, being watched and controlled by the Exus.

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