Symptoms of victims of black magic

Here are the symptoms you may experience if you are a victim of black magic, obsessive energies or envy, or if you are suffering from a work that you have requested and it has been poorly done or used by spirits or entities of the low magic, which usually make the person dependent so that it returns always and to them what they want.
These beings are those that feed on the energy of the person and bring to it many problems, including health, these symptoms also happen to who is a victim of envy and is overwhelmed with negative energies, in some cases it is enough to go to the place where they are in order for it to suffer the consequences, or even engage with people who make use of rituals of black magic, poorly done.
Many people are victims of themselves and end up going to the wrong places doing jobs that should not and attract to them the negative energies that block their ways, the biggest victims are those who seek love and believe in wrong people, others are deceived and terrified with lies and end up doing the job for fear of having some serious illness or dying.
Beware of attending spiritist houses there are many obsessing spirits who died and are trapped in this plan because they have not evolved, do not try to help them, because they will only be able to evolve alone, if you try to help can be harmed, avoid prayers like those (pombagira, exu, are cyprian, prayers for souls, prayers for loving mooring, etc.) for you may seem like a simple prayer, but with them you can attract some obsessive spirits and as you do not see them you do not know they are there, more know that if you call them they will have a return so do not play with what you do not know.
Firstly, you should seek a doctor and rule out the possibility of an illness, if the doctor does not find a clinical explanation, you should seek help only, find a person who has knowledge to help you and remember the one who works with the low magic or with low vibrating entities will not be able to help you, you will become a slave of these beings, if not to a rational explanation there is always the spiritual explanation.
Common Symptoms:
1) Heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, anguish, choking especially close to the open hours (06: 00,12: 00,18: 00 or 00:00 hs), stinging in the solar plexus or near the heart.
2) Getting tired Tired without any energy, having a feeling of carrying a weight on the shoulders or back, feeling that someone is hanging on you, suffers from strong headaches.
3) Nightmares, insomnia, feeling of being observed, feeling presences, seeing figures, feeling physical touches, uncontrolled sexual desire, or total loss of libido.
4) Unexplained weight loss, depression, panic, irrational fear, suicidal desires mainly at night.
5) Continuous fights, anger without motives, loss of aggressive control, then does not remember why it did.
6) Amoroso misses the person and can not stay close to her because the fights are constant, she feels an uncontrolled hate and being far away you suffer much, at night you only think about going to the person, can not sleep or have peace, something disturbs you constantly, can not relate to anyone else.
7) Feeling a bad energy in a place can not stay there, and when it stays always has fights problems.
8) Removing friendships, relatives, can not be stable in a love relationship the person always leaves you or not looking for more, you feel invisible because no one cares about you.
9) Hemorrhages or circulatory disorders in certain hours, having discarded the hypothesis of diseases.
10) Professional does not achieve financial stability, everything that tries to do wrong, loses its customers without explanation, people do not enter their trade, go to work and can not, when trying to get up appear problems, things break, everything stops. generate expenses and that you do not achieve your independence, appear problems that do not find rational explanation all are to harm you.
11) When you look for help in a place of goodness can not reach the person, unexplained things happen that do not allow you to reach the person who will help you, when you look for a place where you deal with evil you have very easy to reach him, there begins to do work can appear a temporary improvement and when you fall again your situation is much worse.
These are the most common but there are others that vary from each person so each case should be analyzed.
When a person is suffering from these symptoms he must do a spiritual cleansing treatment, the treatment done by me lasts for 10 to 20 days because we can not change a person's energy in a day, this treatment has 3 phases spiritual cleansing, energy balance and energizing, the person receives the treatment and each phase has the

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