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sigils seals luciferian rituals paganism lilith lucifer leviathan baphomet leviate leviathan azazel satanas

Trabalhos Espirituais

Spiritual Works
Strong Magic offers spiritual works to solve various problems in a person's life.
Human existence is a mystery to many people, but what is objective and real are the problems.
Life has many trials and expiations, and troubles of other kinds, brought about even by the next situation in life.
Magia Forte is a space for consulting and magic that makes us face these problems of existence in an indignant way.
We must not resign ourselves. Yes, we should be indignant about the problems and we will not accept it.
Strong Magic by its name says, that it does magic and is really strong. Magic will break the problems and face the nature of the problems, here are some of the spiritual works we do:
obs: spiritual work is magic here are synonyms
obs: Break macumba and send it back to the person who made it
and dismantling the spell is just dismantling

love tie work
Marriage Marriage Magic
Magic to separate a couple
Magic to ward off lovers
Spiritual work to ward off enemies
Spiritual work to attract women
Spiritual work to attract men
Black magic
White magic
red magic
Spiritual work to pass a public tender
work to hold husband
work to tease a man
spiritual work of destruction
revenge magic
Entity Summoning Magic and Miscellaneous Requests
Magic for financial prosperity
Spiritual work to get a job
Spiritual work to win cause in justice
Karma breaking spiritual work
Spiritual work for family problems
Spiritual work to remove addictions
Spiritual work to break macumba
Magic to undo spells
Spiritual work to attract customers in general
Spiritual work to sell real estate
Spiritual work to sell vehicles
Specific spiritual works for each case

There are more works than these that are on the list and the specific spiritual works for each case is comprehensive.

Tying work for love

Do you really want to solve your love problem? So order a spiritual work of loving lashing and fight for what you want!

By ordering this work, the seer magician will perform the ritual and send photos of the rituals, send an email to Reidovudu and request the photos of the work

Be happy in love, the lashing work is a spiritual treatment that will break the negative energies of the past and bring a full love life

The spiritual bonding treatment breaks love karma so that your loved one returns:


Tying work:

The lashing work is a strong ritual that is based on three pillars:

Nature's energies

Loving lashing work is hard work and changes your life for the better in the love part. The work of lashing is a work that unites two people through spiritual rituals. The rituals are varied because the medium receives instruction for each type of lashing work from the guides who do the lashing work, each case is different and different rituals are needed, different offerings and guidance from varied guides as well.

The spiritual bonding work is one more instrument to achieve the goals with the loved one, you can bring the loved one back in case there is a separation, you can tie a husband or wife who is about to separate, conquer a boyfriend or girlfriend who there is not so much love and many other cases. The goal is to have the person close to you.

On this site, from the online seer medium, the work can be Voodoo or Exu and Pomba Gira or even ancestor spirits, we also have works that involve the breaking of natural destiny which is a way of evoking the energies of nature making that it breaks the pattern, making a butterfly effect taking or modifying destiny through a medium's action, a material and physical action in nature causing the whole order of things to change.

What work should you do? When ordering the work, the psychic medium will tell you the conditions and which is the best work that gives the best result for your case.

This spiritual treatment called loving binding treats:

- Problems in marriage

- Avoid divorce

- Bring loved one back

- Block all mistresses of husband or wife

- Prevents betrayal in dating, marriage

- Seek to conquer the man or woman you want and still don't have

- And other cases

Bring the loved one back now!

be happy in love

tame the husband

block the mistresses

Click below to be happy in love:

Voodoo Doll: Bonding in the Love of Voodoo

Boneco de Vodu: Amarração no amor por Vodu


Voodoo? Voodoo? Vodun? Voodoo? They are terms used for a very strong magic with the use of a material doll that with the ritual of “settlement” (the placement of a person's spiritual energy in a doll, or even, the placement of a spirit in the material body of a doll of voodoo). About the terms, as for the Magician, the terms can be used as you wish, the magician prefers to use the Portuguese word and use the term voodoo.
The voodoo doll seated with the energy of the love of your life will bring you to your feet.
The voodoo spell is one of the strongest magic out there, many classify voodoo magic as black magic for messing with someone so strongly. In the case of voodoo binding, your love will be compromised, will miss you, will love you and will have a strong attraction to you. Rituals with the doll seated with your lover's energies will make him a person who will be submissive and on your feet.
If your partner doesn't show commitment, doesn't support you in life, and if you have children, he/she doesn't care and goes out with friends, leaving you alone. This type of binding, which is Voodoo binding, will help you a lot.
In Omni Spells' voodoo work, we make the doll ourselves, we go into a trance and invoke entities and make the person's spiritual energy bond in matter, in the doll itself. The puppet will not only represent the person, it will be the person and everything that happens to the puppet and everything that is said to the puppet and everything that we do to the puppet, the person will feel it. The magician makes the construction or purchase of the doll, in addition, the magician settles the doll, and all the rituals of persuasion and interference in the person's life are done by the magician. We do not send the dolls for the person to do the voodoo work so the magician knows better how to persuade the person through the rituals and how to intervene in the person's life through the settled, energized and personalized doll.
Use voodoo now and be happy:



Tie your love with voodoo
bring your love back
Create thoughts in your love through voodoo doll
Enhance the sexual attraction in your sweetheart by squeezing the voodoo doll
Create the person's dependence on you by piercing the head of the voodoo doll
Hurt the voodoo doll to squeeze your lover's heart
Stick a needle through the heart of the voodoo doll so your lover can feel love
Needle the voodoo doll's heart to feel nostalgia
Needle the voodoo doll's heart to feel sadness
Take revenge on the love that abandoned you, bleeding the voodoo doll

With voodoo we can totally interfere in a person's life. All we need is a voodoo doll, the person's hair or a piece of clothing.
Order a Voodoo spiritual work now, contact the magician, we remind you that the terms used for voodoo can be:




Couples union work is more indicated than lashing work for some reasons: The lashing work is red magic, the couple union work is white magic. Many people prefer white magic because they prefer softer magic without forcing situations.

Couples union work is very good magic for couples who are married, lived together and are now separated, but there is still love, and the reasons for separation are futile.
For couples who are in the process of separating for various reasons, fights because of jealousy, lovers, family conflicts.
To save the marriage, the relationship, the relationship that is somehow at risk.
For marriages, relationships of any kind that one loves and the other seems to no longer love but are still together.
For couples who are weakening in sexual and loving relationships for various reasons, for example: long marriage, relationship, loss of motivation for love in the relationship.
Different reasons that affect the lives of people who are already in a relationship or recent separation, whether boyfriends, hookups, lovers, marriages, etc.





Approach work in love



The work of rapprochement in love is different from the work of bonding, as the latter deals with forces of nature and with the couple's own energy. The work of approximation in love is a work that makes the loved one get closer to the other person, miss you and be more affectionate so it is a lighter work and we work with energies of good and good energies: White Magic. We take advantage of an energy that already exists to make the person open their mind and feel that getting closer to the loved one is the best way to find happiness in love, since sometimes the loved one does not get closer for various reasons and does not understand that the loved one has to be approached. In this work, there is no binding, there is no spiritual obsession and no black magic. It is rather a magic of good: white magic, which takes advantage of what already exists "love" in a certain way. Sometimes people love each other but they don't get closer due to financial difficulties, problems with the family, distance or other problems that make it difficult to get closer so this is a job that already takes a love that already exists or a feeling of liking, the two meet love or like each other and want each other but can't be together for some reason. The mooring work no longer needs love, the mooring makes the other person passionate even if there is no previous feeling.


Work to bring the loved one back

Trabalho para trazer a pessoa amada de volta


This work consists of bringing a loved one, who you have a strong attraction to, who used to live with you, lived together or even dated seriously but has now left and is no longer close to you.
This work is for those who have a love in life but for various reasons the person is no longer present. He moved cities, lives far away, traveled, disappeared, separated from the marriage, ended the relationship and left. The loved one may have found someone else, is excited about the new relationship, and doesn't want to get back together. Sometimes the loved one is not far away and lives in the same city but is not dating you anymore and sometimes they lived together, they were married but they left.
This work brings the loved one back.
Contact the psychic medium and request a spiritual work to bring the loved one back.
This spiritual work is a ritual of evoking spirits of the line of love and will seek that person. Spiritual work will put in the person's head how much you love him and want him back and make that love that may be ending and in the end come to the surface and make a strong love. Make that feeling that ended "love" come back with intensity.
The person you love is far away or will not miss you
-The loved one will have a strong sexual attraction
-Will have repetitive thoughts about the person who commissioned the job.
-It will recover the lost feeling.
-The loved one will feel the need to look for the person who is ordering the work
-The loved one will do everything possible to get back with the person who commissioned the job. If the loved one was a victim of loving ties, they may have left because of it, so the work to bring love back can be combined with a spiritual work to undo the love ties.
This is the famous work to bring the loved one back, the one who orders the work does not need to do anything because the psychic medium performs all the ritual. The only thing we ask is that you make an approach, that you see the person and that you try to get in touch in some way so that the two people unite the energies sent by the spirits.

Spiritual Work of Removing Enemies.

Trabalho Espiritual de Afastamento de Inimigos.


The Spiritual Work of Removing Enemies or Enemies is a work that makes that person who wants your harm, a person who wants to take you out of your job, sometimes it is a co-worker who persecutes you, or even an enemy who he's your neighbor and wants to fight, offend you and is doing witchcraft and spells to bring you down. This work also keeps away people with envy, people with the so-called "cold foot" who are bad luck. All kinds of people who somehow get in your way, who want to bring you down, who offend you, who don't like you. Sometimes it's family members who make your life hell.

The spiritual work of removing enemies removes all enemies so that you have a better life, a life without fights, without obstacles of this kind.

Sometimes we don't like a visit, people are not welcome because they come to our homes to cast spells, curses, or even watch over and learn about life. Envious and gossip people may make visits in order to obtain personal information to speak to others and demean the person.

The work of removing enemies is, in general, a work that removes people who may affect you in some way in a negative way.


Spiritual work to hold husband


The spiritual work to hold a husband is really what the name says. It is a job especially for women whose marriages are threatened and their husbands can leave and ask for a separation. Many couples separate for various reasons, but there really is a lot of bonding work done for husbands and that's why husbands are susceptible to getting this spell and that's why they abandon their wives.

For women who love their husbands and their marriages are being threatened:

by lovers

by spells

for lack of love

for treason

other reasons

This work focuses on maintaining the marriage, maintaining the love between the couple and uniting people from the woman's point of view to her husband.

It is a specific work for women because many suffer because their marriage fails for different reasons and these women love their husbands and want to continue with their marriage.

Spiritual work to remove lover from husband or wife


This spiritual work is a very strong work because it deals with the forces of nature and with the universal fluid and also of course with the spirits. From the evocation of the spirits that are with the medium in addition to others that can be evoked. The forces of nature, destiny and the universal fluid are made in such a way that all of this vibrates. The forms and rituals used to make this work are a service of the medium and cannot be explained and detailed here, we can say that with a "new event" produced by the medium focusing on the person who orders the work, all energies vibrate and the destiny is changed and everything leaves for parallel worlds. It is a butterfly effect, in which the medium causes a "new event", something that was not going to happen, but the medium modifies the whole line of life in the world of the person who orders the work with positive changes so that the request of the person who orders it has your goal accomplished. In this work, the objective is to remove lovers, ex-boyfriends, people who are flirting with the husband or wife, all kinds of looks of interest in the husband or wife will be diverted. The husband or wife will no longer have lovers as these will be withdrawn and all kinds of new relationships outside the main one are blocked and the husband or wife stays firm with the loved one. It removes all competitors in addition to preventing other flirting, affairs and other types of relationships from happening. If you are insecure or insecure when fidelity without love, this is the right job.


Work of sexual attraction man to woman

Trabalho de atração sexual homem para a mulher




The job of attracting a man to a woman is a very effective job. It's not a job that focuses on love, it's not a job for a serious relationship, although it can turn into a relationship. The work really focuses on the sexual part. In this case, the man is the one who commissions the work to seduce women. The work of sexual attraction moves with the person's sexual energy through the help of spirits of the sex line. Pomba Gira and Exu in addition to others. The man will attract women intensely, whatever the woman, they will look at this man with eyes of sex, pleasure and desire. When you look at this man you will see pure carnal pleasure and you will surrender to sexual passion. The man will seem to you beautiful, sensual, hot.

It is a spiritual work so that men can have more women, conquer them, possess them sexually.

Many men have the need to have sex several times, even every day, and for that he needs to have many women to satisfy his desire. Women will accept the fantasies of this man who commissioned the job.


The spiritual work of sexual attraction affects sexual energies, making the person who ordered the work also feel the effect of increasing libido. Sexual desire increases and carnal pleasures manifest.

Sex is a pleasure in life, everyone needs sex and some more than others. There are some men who have difficulty conquering women for sex, or even wanting several women and not being satisfied with one or two, and this work makes the man conquer many women.

As stated above, one of the positive side effects of this work is the increase in

libido of the man who orders, and another effect is the increase in vanity, but these are positive effects for the work to be effective.

May the powers of the guides and the universe manifest from the spirit of the solicitor that makes sex transcend the flesh and be a pleasure so strong that it passes into the spirit of the solicitor.

Sex spirits and carnal pleasures manifest!



Woman sexual attraction work for man

Trabalho de atração sexual de mulher para o homem


The work of sexual attraction from woman to man is work done for women. The woman is the job seeker. Nowadays women are conquering an equal position to men, women are breaking taboos, breaking prejudices and blocking everything that might subject them to the judgment of society and others, because now women can and have the same rights as men. So a woman may only want a man for sex, why not?

This work is a work of sexual attraction, it is a work that brings the woman the man she desires sexually. It is not a work of loving involvement, nor does it necessarily create a serious relationship, but it is a work that attracts a man or several men for sex. The work of sexual attraction from woman to man attracts men, attracts looks and makes women more seductive. A woman's beauty comes in any form, even those women who don't think they are so beautiful, with this work all men will look at her as a wonderful woman. The woman who commissions this work will be able to have at her feet several men and even the one she finds most difficult. Remember that this work is not about bonding or approaching love, it is a work that only aims at sex, of course from there you can even start a relationship but that is not the focus. It's a spiritual work just for sex and that's it. After sex, the woman can dismiss the man or even meet him again.

This work moves with the sexual energy of women, I attract the sexual energy of men with the help of spirits linked to sex: Pomba Gira and Exu, as well as others not known. We also work with transcendence and the physical body for the spirit, making sexual pleasure stronger, going beyond the carnal. This work increases the libido of the person ordering it.

Spiritual work of sexual attraction from man to man

Trabalho Espiritual de atração sexual de homem para homem


The spiritual work of sexual attraction from man to man is a work like the others on the site's menu, a work of sexual attraction, but in this case it is an attraction of people of the same sex, in this case man with man. We have to see that in this case, not only can masculine men attract masculine men, but a transvestite can also attract homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual men. This work suggests that it is a job made for homosexuals to attract other homosexuals but it is not. It's man to man whatever the sexual orientation, for example: A homosexual male man wants to have a sexual relationship with a heterosexual man who only likes women, it would be difficult for him to conquer this man. How to conquer a straight male man who only dates women? Here comes the spiritual work, in this spiritual work a man can attract another man even though he is heterosexual. How does work work for straight men?

The work consists of seeking in spirituality a spirit that does this work, in this case the Orixá Pomba Gira is used to attract men. The heterosexual man will not want another man, but in the case the man who is doing the work is a homosexual who is ordering a work of sexual attraction from man to man, then this heterosexual man will feel a strong attraction for this homosexual because he will see it in him a woman, you will smell a woman and you will perceive the spirit of Pomba Gira in the job seeker.

The rituals of evoking spirits and working in practical form are not mentioned here, but that's it in general. The man, even heterosexual, can feel attracted to another man because the spirit of Pomba Gira will act on him, through the rituals of the medium seer of this site. In the spiritual work of sexual attraction from man to man, it can also be work for a homosexual to want to attract another homosexual or bisexual. To conclude this topic, we found that the spiritual work of sexual attraction from man to man can attract homosexuals or bisexuals to homosexual, bisexual or even heterosexual men. Transvestites are in this category. Crossdressing work has to be in this part of male to male attraction and not other sexual attraction jobs that are on this site.

It is very strong to make a heterosexual person have a homosexual relationship.

Spiritual work for sexual attraction from woman to woman

Trabalho Espiritual para atração sexual de mulher para mulher


The spiritual work of sexual attraction from woman to woman is one more instrument for you to reach your goals. This work is aimed at women, at women who want to have another woman sexually and cannot, or who want to have several different women and have difficulty. This work paves the way in sexual relations between women. A homosexual woman can attract another bisexual, homosexual or even one who says she would never have a homosexual relationship, a heterosexual woman. The power of magic is capable of making a heterosexual and adamant person have homosexual relationships. A lesbian woman, admittedly, wants to attract several women, have several group or individual sexual relationships, so the spiritual work of sexual attraction from woman to woman is ideal. This work of sexual attraction makes other women see the job seeker as a sensual, fascinating person and will accept the proposals. This spiritual work also increases the applicant's libido.

The sexual work of sexual attraction from woman to woman is a work focused on the sexual, carnal, pleasures and lust, this is not a work for serious relationship, dating or marriage. It has nothing to do with love, but with sex, pleasure and luxury. This does not prevent that in some cases this sexual attraction can make one of the attracted people want a serious relationship but it is not common. For love, a serious relationship and things like that, we have the spiritual bonding work, paves the way in love and others that are explained in the website's menu.

A woman can indeed have a much better pleasure with another woman, many times a woman leaves a man and stays with another woman. Pleasure between women is very healthy and pleasurable.

The world and life are made to have pleasure, we live to learn yes, to evolve yes, but also to have pleasure, sex.

For this work of sexual attraction, we use sex guides, Pomba Gira, Exu, among others, and we use the energetic part of the sex of the requesting person so that it is used by spirituality to transcend the physical body, making pleasure become carnal pleasure more pleasure. spiritual. Sex transcends body and soul. There is a junction between the bodies and the spirits, this means that the pleasure is greater and better, even so we do not indicate this work for those who seek love but for those who seek carnal pleasure, enjoyment and lust.
Spiritual work for sexual attraction of a specific person

Working for Financial Prosperity

Trabalho para a prosperidade financeira


Financial prosperity work is work that paves the way in the financial part. It is objectively a lesser difficulty to get money, a job that attracts money. To improve your business, improve your salary, change jobs, in short, there are several ways to have an optimal relationship with money. Money will no longer be a great difficulty, but an abundance of abundance and pleasure.

The work is a spiritual ritual that stirs the energies of the universe. in the universe there is a law of attraction that attracts everything you vibrate the same, if you vibrate negatively the money does not come. Sometimes we vibrate so we don't have money without knowing it. This work will change luck to money making you feel the vibration of attraction without even knowing it. The spirits will open their paths.

This work consists of spiritual help but there is also a change in the pace of your destiny causing money to come into your hand. As?

How does the money go to hand?

We don't know how, each person has a gift, a different capacity and the guides will use the applicant's capacity so that the money comes, either through luck in the game, or through work, or through business, in short, we don't know how, but money will start to come.

It is a job that has a high positive response and the money comes gradually, every day the money will be more at your disposal, so you cannot be in a hurry, but wait for the time of the guides, because, gradually, your financial life will change for the better.
Spiritual work for breaking financial karma
Spiritual work for breaking financial karma

The spiritual work for breaking financial karma is different from the work for financial prosperity, as it deals with destiny, trials and the persistence of problems. A person who is born predestined to go through financial trials for a lifetime. The person is born with a mediocre life, grows, lives, the years go by and life continues mediocre even with a lot of struggle, with studies, with a lot of work but there is something spiritual that does not let the person have a financially worthy life. This is karma breaking. SMASH! SMASH! We are not obliged to go through karma, no more suffering, no more fighting for crumbs. Let's now break karma and stop suffering. Suffering caused by reasons in the past cannot interfere in the present, these trials are of no use except to make the person even more bitter, so we have to cling to spiritual weapons to break destiny, break the nature of the trial. ENOUGH PROVATION!

Spiritual work breaks karma in love

The spiritual work for breaking karma in love is different from opening paths in love, approaching love or binding. The person who needs this work suffers from an even worse affliction. She has a karma, an ordeal in love and this must last for her entire existence. Karmas are caused by spiritual problems from the past, in other lives, in other worlds or else a family curse in which everyone in the family has a problem in love. The person who has a karma in love is known for the symptoms:

Never been lucky in love all my life

Not even in the first "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" relationship was it always difficult and painful.

The person suffers many disappointments and illusions in love

A person suffering from love karma is often deceived by his lovers, boyfriends, husbands or partners.

Partner cheating is very common.

The person needs a company but can't get it, at most they get casual sex

All relationships are vague, problematic and there is a feeling that the relationship lacks something.

As much as the person gets ready, looks pretty or handsome, works out the body, undergoes plastic surgery, he cannot manage to do anything other than quick dating or casual sex

Usually this person who has love karma suffers from loneliness.

Many say that we have to go through tests and atonements, karma for the evolution and learning of the soul so that maybe someday in some life we can live happily. I DO NOT AGREE!



Spiritual work breaking karma in health:

Trabalho espiritual quebra de carma na saúde:


The spiritual work breaking karma in health is for those people who only live sick, who from birth to the present day illnesses appear in a varied and inflexible way. We remember that we are spiritual entities and we are going to work on the spiritual part so that the path to cures is opened, so we always recommend that while you are undergoing spiritual treatment, you do not stop conventional medical treatment in any way.
The work of breaking karma in health is not a work of spiritual healing, it is a work that will remove the negative energies that make the person sick very easily. It's normal to get sick sometimes, we are living beings subject to physical problems due to genetic reasons or the environment or even age. Some other behavioral circumstances also provoke illnesses for example the use of cigarettes. Karma in health is for those people whose illnesses are persistent, it is not common, there is something wrong, the person feels that illnesses come out of nowhere and without explanation as if it were a wave of bad luck. This is karma on the health side. This work has the purpose of making the person break this karma and get out of this wave of illness. The ritual that the clairvoyant medium performs is to redeem debts from the past and break these debts so that the person has no more trials with illnesses. From this work, the karmic problem is removed and the person is in the normal rhythm of people who get sick sometimes but not systematically.
Our work is spiritual so read the terms and conditions before doing the jobs.
Working to break karma in health also paves the way for people to find the right doctor, the right hospital and the right path to cure, in addition to eliminating other diseases naturally.
Spiritual treatment does not exclude medical treatment, always look for a doctor to take care of your health


Karma-Breaking Spiritual Work for Peace

Trabalho Espiritual de Quebra de Carma para a Paz


The work for peace, this name says it all. How can I peace you? Life is full of anguish, hatred, longing, desires, fears and much more and all of this causes a whirlwind of thoughts of anxiety and fear in people's minds and when trying to sleep, putting their head on the pillow, the thoughts do not stop. We all go through problems in life that cause inner war but it can be fleeting, some try to deal with it one way or another. There are people who were born with a karma that doesn't let them have peace, there's always a problem to think about, when it seems that everything is solved there are things to think about at night and keep you awake. So it is for these people that the work is aimed, for people who were born not to have peace. The problems that come are easily identified that exist to take away the person's peace of mind, take away peace and sleep. Uncontrollable desires, impulses that make a person commit mistakes, crimes, debts and all this is to let him keep thinking about it and not sleep, not stopping for a minute to realize how beautiful life is and how beautiful the world is. These people fail to realize how beautiful the blue sky is and how the starry night is a gift. We all have problems but we have moments of peace and even many of us manage to live in peace within the tribulations but there are people who never manage to have peace. These people can be good, have decent feelings and end up doing wrong things to be afraid of being judged, they make mistakes for no reason just to leave remorse in their head. The impulses come from the karma of lack of peace, a karma that wants to leave the person in constant war with himself. A karma that brings evil spirits that persecute that person by making them drink, use drugs in excess, commit unnecessary crimes or even do something that is not their principle, then they regret it and go into remorse and end up with peace. Many criminals who are trapped in jail who will spend years and years in jail committed crimes that they didn't even need, they are not bad people, but the evil obsessive spirits that come with karma to take away peace makes the person err by acting against their own principles. Not everyone who has a problem with crime is bad natured, not everyone who is a drug addict is bad natured, many are carrying a karma that is not to have peace and to have a life of suffering from birth to death. death and even after death. This karma is evil and needs to be broken. This is the karma of spiritual persecution. We will no longer let ourselves be carried away by impulses, we will no longer cause problems, we will no longer sabotage ourselves, but for that we need to do the work of breaking karma for peace.


Spiritual Work Breaking Karma in Friendship



The job of breaking karma in friendship is a job for people who find it difficult to have real friends, are people who suffer from loneliness and work or study colleagues don't want to be friends or say they are friends but are fake. We all have colleagues at work, at school, at the gym and in society in general, and some friends, but there are people who have a lot of difficulty in friendships and this for a lifetime, they were born with this difficulty in friendship, back in school , day care center, the person already suffered this disease, so this is karma. This work breaks the karma of problems of loneliness and false friendships, but it also touches the energies of people who have false friends, co-workers who want to pull the rug out from under them. In addition to breaking karma, it can also help people who don't have karma in friendship but have fake colleagues at work.
Problems with friends, colleagues, bosses, fellow travelers and other social events. This is the focus of Breaking Karma in Friendship. The work is focused on those who were born with the "karma" problem, but it also helps those who don't have karma but have fake friends, fake colleagues, etc.
Friendship is an important thing, because we need to go out, enjoy life, travel and friends help us to refresh our minds, rest from work and much more. Friendship is something very important in life. Nobody lives alone.
To improve your friendship relationship or if you have friendship karma apply for friendship karma breaking work.


Spiritual Karma Breaking Spiritual Work

Trabalho Espiritual de Quebra de Carma Espiritual


The spiritual work of breaking spiritual karma consists of taking away all the negative energies that were born with the person and persist throughout life. There are people who are born predestined to have spiritual problems, have a latent mediumship, have an open body and therefore already carry with them shelter for spirits of all kinds, from the good ones to the most malevolent ones.

The person who suffers from spiritual karma is a medium, and is being spiritually persecuted by past enemies, in addition to being persecuted by evil spirits. Mediumship in this case can be reverted to the work of good but can, without treatment, be diverted to evil.



Vision of ugly and evil figures and spirits


fear of death

Low Esteem

Exaggerated attachment to some people

Fear of the dark

fear of loneliness

excessive feeling

depressive symptoms

mood swings

Spiritual work for breaking spiritual karma is a spiritual treatment that takes away obsessors, breaking all negative currents and malevolent spirits. This person usually has psychological or psychiatric problems and treatments with the psychologist and psychiatrist cannot be stopped, they can be carried out together with the spiritual work.

Those suffering from a spiritual problem have some gifts that can be reversed for good.

There are mediums or psychics who don't have spiritual karma but everyone who has spiritual karma is a medium or psychic!
Spiritual Works of Breaking the Curse from Generation to Generation

There are many spiritual problems that are linked to families, parents, grandparents, great-great-grandparents and so on, it is a curse that passes from generation to generation for many, many years and if it is not broken, this curse is eternal and goes to the last generation and it doesn't end. For example there might be a murder 600 years ago and this murder proved evil spells and the dead person might have a sense of revenge. From this can arise a curse that will cause trouble in all generations. The curse from generation to generation can be called a hereditary curse.

Hereditary curse is one that we inherit from our parents, our ancestors. We don't just inherit physical appearance, we also inherit spiritually.

Genetic depression is a curse from generation to generation caused by black magic works done against ancestors causing the disease in all people who will be born forever, you would have to find the cause and break this curse.

There are many curses that come from generation to generation and generation to generation curse breaking work will break this curse for the job applicant individually and not letting it pass on to their descendants but the side relatives carry on the curse so the work it is individual in that sense.

How to identify if your problem is a curse from generation to generation?

- Most people in the family have the same problem

- If it's depression, 70% of people in the family have depression

- Medicine becomes very limited in case of illnesses

- There must be a tragic story in this family's past

- Issues that suggest the curse is familiar

Spiritual Work Makes Way in Love

Trabalho Espiritual Abre Caminho no Amor


Spiritual work paves the way in love is different from approaching love, binding, breaking karma and others. It's softer work that will just pave the way for the right people to come into your life. Opens the way in love makes you feel like a more valued person, improves self-esteem, and things in love start to happen. In the aforementioned works, there is usually someone in sight, some love to bring back or even a curse to break. Not in this job. Work makes the path of love light, free and happy. People start showing up in your life and if you already have someone, this person becomes more loving.

Many women want to get married and can't and many men don't find the person they can love, we all need company, love, affection and support.

A smooth job that stirs the best energies of good, seeks the solution in the guardian angels.

Sometimes a person dedicates himself a lot to work, family, problems and doesn't have time to look for someone or stay with the person he already has, the path in love is stopped. Work acts for you and people will show up and love will happen.

Request your work paves the way in love.
Spiritual work of Abre Caminho Financeiro:

The Financial Opening Work will even open up several ways to earn money. Many times you can't find a job, if you're an entrepreneur, new businesses don't appear, if you're a salesperson, there are no customers. The person is lost not knowing what to do, not knowing where to go. It really is out of the way.

An unemployed person does not even know what else to look for, his profession no longer exists, courses or opportunities do not appear. Everything gets confused and lost.

Breaking karma, attracting money and opening the financial path is different.

The financial opening work will create several opportunities in the follow-up of the person's work and if this segment has changed or no longer exists, other segments and other ideas will appear.

It's very difficult to live with bills to pay, when you lack the basics in life and you don't know where to start.

So let's open the paths in the financial part.



Spiritual work to get a job:

Trabalho Espiritual para conseguir um emprego


The Spiritual Work to get a job is a work that has given many effective results. All resumes that are submitted from this job are viewed by the employer or recruiter. Many say that the country is growing and unemployment is decreasing, and that everything is improving, but this is not the case. There are people who have serious problems getting a job and it's not just the lack of qualifications or where they live. There are spiritual issues involved in this very serious problem.
Don't be unemployed or unemployed anymore, apply now for your spiritual work to get a job.
It is difficult to be unemployed, self-esteem drops, discouragement falls and the will to live diminishes. Life is meant to be happy and no problem can take that joy away from anyone, much less an unemployment problem.
Get your job now, apply for work to get a job. send an email to the psychic medium and ask for his spiritual work.
Spiritual work for employment is one of the most effective jobs and has the fastest results.
Spiritual work to get promotion or better job:

This spiritual work works in several ways:

Eliminating envious people who don't want the person to rise in office

Avoid fights and gossip at work

Opens the eyes of the boss or owner of the company to see the person deserving of the promotion or to continue in the position

Acts spiritually to encourage the person to go to work

You can see that spiritual work is not limited to promotion, as it has the action at work like this:

Help with promotion in positions

for people who have problems with co-workers

Eliminates scolding and persecution from bosses

Help to keep job

Improves the work environment for the job applicant



Spiritual work to attract customers

Trabalho Espiritual para atrair clientes

Spiritual work to attract customers is important work because it can save a company, it can keep a salesperson's job and it can help the person applying for the job to have an optimal financial life.
Calling customers is like calling money because it is through customers that we can earn money. More and more customers, the more customers the better.
Many sellers have great sales techniques, they have an incredible talent for selling, they know how to persuade and are very good but at the moment all this persuasion is not working. How to make? Do you already have the sales technique or are you an entrepreneur and already have aggressive marketing?
Let's go for the practical part, the first thing we have to do is see if the professional looking for clients has the talent, masters sales techniques and if the entrepreneur knows how to use marketing in an optimized and aggressive way. So we have two models:
- Spiritual work for people who have the practical part
- Spiritual work for those who do not have the practical part.

With the practical part or not, the spiritual work will attract customers, but for those who don't know how to sell, or don't understand marketing, the spiritual work will help these people to be talented in sales, intuitively learn all sales techniques and then from the qualified person, we entered with the spirits to force sales even more, bringing many customers. This work works both in the practical material part and in the spiritual part, it is a set of measures that will call and attract customers.

This spiritual work is important because it can save your job, it can improve your life financially, it can turn the tables and change your life for the better. The work to attract customers is a work of calling money because from the customers comes the money. Many times we have customers but they don't buy, they don't sign, they don't agree and then we enter with the spiritual part that makes the customer find the product important to him. The spiritual part will work to get most clients to say "YES". Telemarketing operators have a large portfolio of clients, they call and call all day long and everyone says no or already has a no in mind. Let's get them to say yes and buy your products.
Empty stores, stalled market? You can't leave it because if the person makes a living from that, they have to change that situation or else change the branch or the business in the material part or else let's combine the material part with the spiritual and have victories!
The good seller is the one who uses all instruments to reach his sales goals and the spiritual instrument is the strongest!


O Trabalho Espiritual de limpeza de ambientes é um trabalho que retira dos ambientes carregados todas as energias negativas, trazendo a harmonia, a paz e o amor.
Que tipo de ambiente pode ser feito este trabalho? Este trabalho pode ser feito em qualquer ambiente, seja casas, empresas, instituições.
Os ambientes podem estar carregados com diversas energias que podem ser espíritos de pessoas mortas que voltam para assombrar as pessoas, assim o médium vidente age como um caça fantasmas, expulsando os espíritos do lar, da empresa ou do local desejado. Há muitos locais que estão passando por ataques espirituais, os chamados fenômenos Poltergeist que é um tipo de ataque que mexe na parte física, fazendo ruídos, mexendo peças, panelas que voam, louças que caem do armário sem motivos, e outras coisas no sentido. Geralmente as pessoas envolvidas nesta casa passam por dificuldades espirituais e materiais. A iimpeza espiritual acaba com os espíritos causadores do Poltergeist. A limpeza espiritual também elimina outras energias de mortos como visão de mortos, vultos e a escuta de vozes. Outra coisa importante na limpeza espiritual é a eliminação do azar que aquele lugar causa, as vezes as pessoas que moram na casa ou que estão no local não tem sorte, as coisas não vão para frente mas não é o caso do Poltergeist pois não ocorre barulho ou efeitos físicos mas somente efeitos psicológicos. Tudo dá errado. Essa energia negativa também é eliminada com a limpeza espiritual de ambientes.
Outro problema que pode ser solucionado com a limpeza espiritual é a eliminação de espíritos que causam fogo, chamas que se formam sem ninguém acender nada. Chamada de Telergia pelos parapsicólogos que dizem que essa chama, fogo vêm de alguém. Sim achamos que vem de algum médium da casa mas com a ajuda de espíritos. O médium puxa os espíritos que agem com o através do ectoplasma do médium e faz com que o fogo comece. A limpeza espiritual elimina as chamas dos espíritos que agem através de um médium perturbado. Muitas linhas da parapsicologia trata esse assunto como algo físico somente causado por uma pessoa viva através de uma energia elétrica ou magnética que faz com que o fogo se alastre mas muitas outras linhas aceitam a abordagem espiritual. Como não podemos provar nenhum e nem outro temos que apegar no resultado do trabalho espiritual. Se o trabalho espiritual acaba com o fogo então está tudo bem. Se o parapsicólogo age no médium através de tratamento psicológico e faz com que as chamas se apaguem então também tem seu valor. O resultado é importante.
Casas mal assombradas, invejas, vizinhos que brigam muito, ambientes deixando de herança por mortos revoltados ou outros tipos de carrego negativo em ambientes são resolvidos pelo médium vidente. Empresas que não tem lucro, não tem vendas ou mesmo acontece que acontece com as casas em situação de poltergeist ou telergia ou mesmos outros fenômenos espirituais no ambiente são resolvidos pelo trabalho espiritual limpeza espiritual de ambientes.
Solicite se trabalho espiritual The Spiritual work of cleaning environments is a work that removes all negative energies from charged environments, bringing harmony, peace and love.
What kind of environment can this work be done? This work can be done in any environment, be it homes, companies, institutions.
The environments can be loaded with different energies that can be spirits of dead people that come back to haunt people, so the psychic medium acts as a ghost hunter, expelling the spirits from the home, the company or the desired place. There are many places that are experiencing spiritual attacks, the so-called Poltergeist phenomena, which is a type of attack that affects the physical part, making noises, moving parts, flying pans, dishes that fall out of the closet for no reason, and other things in the sense. People involved in this house usually go through spiritual and material difficulties. Spiritual Cleansing ends Poltergeist-causing spirits. Spiritual cleansing also eliminates other dead energies such as vision of the dead, shadows and hearing voices. Another important thing in spiritual cleansing is the elimination of the bad luck that that place causes, sometimes people who live in the house or who are in the place are not lucky, things do not go forward but this is not the case with the Poltergeist because there is no noise or physical effects but only psychological effects. Everything goes wrong. This negative energy is also eliminated with the spiritual cleansing of environments.
Another problem that can be solved with spiritual cleansing is the elimination of spirits that cause fire, flames that form without anyone lighting anything. Called Telergy by parapsychologists who say that this flame, fire comes from someone. Yes, we think it comes from a medium in the house, but with the help of spirits. The medium draws the spirits acting with the medium through the medium's ectoplasm and causes the fire to start. Spiritual cleansing eliminates the flames of spirits acting through a disturbed medium. Many lines of parapsychology treat this subject as something physical only caused by a living person through an electrical or magnetic energy that causes the fire to spread, but many other lines accept the spiritual approach. As we cannot prove any and neither do we have to stick to the result of the spiritual work. If the spiritual work ends the fire then all is well. If the parapsychologist acts on the medium through psychological treatment and makes the flames go out, then it also has its value. The result is important.
Haunted houses, envy, neighbors who fight a lot, environments leaving an inheritance for angry dead or other types of negative charge in environments are resolved by the psychic medium. Companies that don't make a profit, don't have sales or even happen to houses in a poltergeist or telergy situation or even other spiritual phenomena in the environment are solved by the spiritual work of spiritual cleaning of environments.
Apply for spiritual work

Spiritual Work for Business:

Trabalho Espiritual para Negócios:


Spiritual Work for Business is a spiritual work that aims to improve any type of business, business:





street vendors





exchange businessmen



And all kinds of trade, business or services.

This work is a ritual that will locate where the knot is that does not let the business grow, the problem that makes the business not profitable. This work takes away all the negative energies of loss, envy, bad fluids, karma directed at the company, location of problems and your exclusion.

This work is strong and moves with the energies of nature and the people involved in the business.


Spiritual Work for Health - Spiritual Healing:

Trabalho Espiritual para a Saúde - A Cura Espiritual:

There are people who live with the disease, become infected very easily and acquire or are even born with diseases that are difficult to treat, such as Cancer, AIDS, Lupus, Tuberculosis, Sickle Cell Anemia and many others that are difficult to be cured or treated.

Even when dealing with spirituality, the supernatural, rituals and magic, spells and all kinds of occult procedures that deal with illnesses, we must not abandon medical treatment, allopathy, homeopathy, and others. The spiritual part is a treatment that touches on the conspiracy against, that breaks evil, that breaks what comes from anger and makes you suffer. Sometimes the disease comes as revenge, a chain to lead the person to discouragement, to be sad and to let himself die without a fight. Then we start with the spiritual treatment through several different rituals that will depend on each person and each disease, so continue your medical treatment, do allopathic exams and contact us via email:


The clairvoyant medium will have insights, intuitions, and will give guidance through the guides that will make the person find peace within the difficult situation they are going through. Evil and good complement each other and all of this has to be analyzed in a judicious way and at the same time motes that launch the unknown so that all the force that we still don't know "scientifically" or know and everything fits in a perfect way that we can break fate, nature, and we will reverse the situation that they say is irreversible

When the time comes to leave this world, we must leave and we cannot always overcome illnesses as this would be an excuse for death. So we have to analyze the way we must work, if it is something that we cannot change then we can help in another way, an acceptance of the situation with peace, love, harmony and that the passage can take place in a way of light.

God and the angels of Light will illuminate the medium and people suffering from illness. Get in touch with the psychic medium now and request a spiritual healing work, which will help in health and help to have peace even in the illnesses that will lead to death.

Death is not the end and there is no other side, everything is here!

Spiritual treatment does not exclude medical treatment, please always consult a physician for physical treatment.


Working to Separate One Person from Another

The work to separate a person from another, consists of a very strong ritual of energy and spiritual obsession so that the person who is with another disappears from that person's life. In what situations can I use this work?

We can give some general examples but your case may be more specific so here are some examples that can cause problems when two people get together to hinder their goals:

- Taking someone away from your husband or wife that causes this person to cheat.

- Keep away people who speak ill of you, gossip, offend, they do all that when they are together, when they leave they stop doing evil.

- Keep away bad company for your children.

- Take the lover away from the husband.

- Take the lover away from the wife.

- Pushing away someone who makes the boyfriend or girlfriend admire.

- Fend off enemies that unite against you

- A couple who are together for convenience but you are interested in one of the parties to a love relationship.

And so we have many examples and your case may be a specific one that the separation of two people can pave its way.

Get in touch now via email:



Spiritual work to drive a person away from you!


This work consists of magic rituals to remove the person from the person who is ordering the work. The work to separate a person from the person ordering the work is very sought after by people who have problems with people who are always present and who can harm them in some way. Constant and inconvenient visits, envious people, neighbors who keep an eye out and don't stop gossip, women who want to keep trying to flirt with their husband, sassy people who come into yours, visit at any time, and take away your privacy. Domestic servants who don't want to be fired and bosses find it difficult to fire, insistent collectors who go to the door to collect and many other circumstances bother people. It's a very good job for removal.

As for deadlines and effectiveness of work, read terms and conditions below.

Spiritual work to tame people.

Trabalho Espiritual para amansar pessoas.


This spiritual work consists of doing magic, communicating with obsessing spirits, communicating with friendly spirits and various rituals that take away anger, evil, obsession, and tame people. Sometimes you have a very demanding, irritating boss who picks on you! Or even husbands or wives who are very nervous and for no reason fight a lot, collectors, neighbors, or even another person who changes from case to case but the problem in general is a problematic personality with regard to terrorizing, scolding, cursing, demanding too much and many other behaviors that are not meek. Softening people can be done for children who fight with parents or vice versa. Taming is having peace. When you have to live with difficult people then life is difficult. If you go to work and have a co-worker who gossips, badmouths you, is on your case and is mad at you? This is an example of people who need to be tamed. And we check case by case, let's analyze each case to see if the job of taming the person is the best in the case.

Work against spell done


The work done against the spell is a work to block some ritual, magic, macumba, evil eye, envy, sympathies, prayers in reverse, prayers in reverse, cursing. All of these can be considered spells. Why a spell can be considered a spell: Hence we will have to conceptualize a spell and in this case, we can put everything that deals with magic and mind power as a spell. There is a very common charm that is to put the person's full name on the fridge, in the freezer, many may say: Han, that doesn't hurt, a piece of paper on the fridge with the name doesn't do anything. But yes you can! As? In the spell, all energies formed through sympathies or other mixtures trigger a new energy that comes out "not from the fridge or material things, I came out of the mind of the person who is doing it. Materials such as papers, names, cemetery land, ice, full names on paper, they are mental stimulators and redirectors that from mentalization make all of this turn into a terrible negative energy and can indeed destroy lives and people. they were done without anger, without mentalization, without pulling the power of the mind. That's why it's important when you do a spiritual work, check the power of the medium's mind so that you don't have to do it yourself, but hire someone to do the spell for you. To break the spell it's the same thing, the mind, thinking and clairvoyance are important for breaking spells. Hire the medium to see if there is any spell and break it with everything and be free from evil.

spiritual protection work
Spiritual work breaks macumba

Trabalho de proteção espiritual
Trabalho espiritual quebra macumba


The spiritual work for breaking macumba is very similar to breaking spells. In this case, we have a differentiation between macumba and spell done. All kinds of magic can be considered spells, even macumba can be conceptualized with spell rituals, but in this case, we separate macumba:

Macumba in the dictionary is a musical instrument, but popularly they are spiritual works done in Afro-Brazilian sects with great spiritual weight. We have separated this type of spell here because this spell called Macumba, is performed in Afro-Brazilian sects and is directed at victims by leftist spirits: Pomba Giras, Exus, Trancas Ruas, and many devilish spirits. It's a strong demand that destroys the person and that's why there are special works to break the macumba.

Here we do the spiritual work of breaking the macumba thrown at the person. As macumba is a stronger spell, here we have a work against specific spells for macumba. This ritual is strong and breaks all bonds of demons, mocking and evil spirits. To hire the macumba breaker work, read the terms and conditions in the link below:




Red magic is a powerful form of magic, it stands out from white magic and black magic, because red magic corresponds to all actions that affect the affective domain (although red magic can be treated as white magic in some cases).

Red magic is also called love magic, as it is directly associated with the romantic field (not necessarily sexual), here are the different categories of red magic:
• Red seduction magic, to have a person's love,

• Red friendship magic, to return a lost friendship,

• Red Sexual Magic which is a magic to attract people sexually
It is possible to perform red magic with specific rituals, but this is not recommended, because, as with black and white magic rituals, they can make something inverse happen, bringing the risk of the opposite situation (for example, if you want to increase feelings of a person's love, the risk is to obtain the opposite effect, that is, that the person withdraws permanently.
Talk to the mage and ask for more information. All works on this site depend on donations and values so that the magician can perform the rituals, it is not possible to perform rituals without buying esoteric products, products for rituals and offering delivery services.

Before ordering work, read terms and conditions:





Definition and approach to Black Magic

We tend too often to consider Black Magick as a whole and to take only a partial view of its use in the Left Hand Path. We often read that Black Magic is the invocation of infernal entities and other entities with the will of the magician. This view of using black magic is too simplistic. There is not one but many forms of black magic.

Types of Black Magic.

Light Black Magic
Moderate Dark Magic
intense black magic
General Anti Black Magic

Light Black Magic:
This is certainly the least described Black Magic in the esoteric field, but the most used, because each of you has it at least once in your life, even without knowing it. In fact, he does not appeal to the occult, but mental manipulation through requests defined as not good, revenge, putting anger out, using the negative mental part to reach a person in a harmful way, aiming that he suffers something. , or to achieve some goal by knocking other people down. This light magic can be done by anyone, just have the feelings of envy, anger, hurt and through these feelings put them in symbiosis with black candles, incense and cemetery land and with the person's name under the cemetery land and then bury the name in the cemetery. This practice of Light Black Magic can be done by anyone but it is not advisable, as it is always recommended to look for a Magician to do the magic because he can direct karma or negative energies to other places and not to the person who is going to do it, a magician knows not to raise trials, karma or future suffering and a lay person will not know. Whoever wants to do this Black Magic may have future karmic problems, now if you hire a Magician, he will know how to direct these energies to the infernal places. It is important to know that a Black Magic Mage, like the Mage on this site, is only a Mage from the Spiritualist Magic line, although all Mages can evoke entities when they are mediums, in this case Reidovudu is a medium and can evoke entities from the left, right, eguns, Orixás and messengers etc

Some goals that can be achieved by Light Black Magic: against the evil eye, to abort a project, for an urgent need for money, never to run out of money, the annihilation of the enemy, to obtain clairvoyance powers, to manipulate a person's thoughts, to ensure your protection, to freeze an opponent and many other objectives, contact the Medium Magician so that he can guide you and for you to obtain more information.

Moderate Dark Magic:

Moderate Black Magic is certainly the best known form of Black Magic. It brings together all the techniques used by the magician (ritual invocation) to change reality according to his will. It is a spell that uses the magician's energy together with that of astral entities that he seeks to help change the causal reality and reach his goal. The existence of a spell binding is required to edit the probability of an event based on the mage's needs. In this case, Spiritualistic High Magic is fully used, as this spiritualistic magic is the magic of the elements of nature together with the invocation or evocation of spiritual entities and if even incorporation is needed, the magician who uses spiritualistic magic must be a medium, as there are magicians who work very well without being mediums, but this makes it difficult to evoke entities and there will be no incorporation. Moderate Black Magic is done through the methods of Spiritualist Magic so always look for a Medium Magician like the Magician on this site. A magician who is not a medium can evoke spirits and work with the elements of nature, but he will not be able to incorporate or give incorporation offerings, for example: a sexual offering when the entity uses the medium's body for carnal pleasures. A Medium who is not a Magician is also not efficient in this magic because he can even incorporate it but he will not know how to touch the elementals of nature and break the natural pattern of things.
What are the goals that you achieve with this Black Magic? All the objectives of the first magic which is Dark Magic Take more with more intensification, the objectives will be more realistic. The Magic will then be more effective.

Intense Dark Magic:


Intense Black Magic: In this case, there will be a Pact with Demons as a differential: it is the highest and noblest form of black magic. She uses symbolism and staging for the group or magician to achieve the intensity necessary for the performance of the desired occult act. Black Rite of magic is necessarily invocation. In this case, use many demons, including Goetia Magic. This Intense Black Magic is effective and you achieve all your desires but the cost is very expensive.
Spiritualist Magic is the method used for this magic with the evocation of entities and the manipulation of concrete matter and nature. Use of candles, food, drinks, offerings, pacts, in this case offering with a medium is necessary

m incorporated so they are usually demonic entities linked to carnal pleasures, sex, food, drink and everything that can give pleasure to the physical body, for the entity to feel the pleasures the Magician must be 100% incorporated for the entities to feel all the pleasure, many times the magician medium can be 100% incorporated and maintain some degree of consciousness if the magician medium also wants to feel the offering. To do against enemies, graveyard land and candles anointed by demons are often used, in addition to objects consecrated by entities. The person's clothes are often used.

Anti Black Magic General: If you are a victim of a spell - Ensure your protection - - recover a person's energy - Manipulate a person's thoughts - Undo black magic one by one - Undo Black Magic all at once - if you are a victim of a spell - to abort a project - Harmonize the environment, put peace in the heart - Have health - Protect yourself against all evil.
Anti Black Magic is considered a Black Magic because it uses moderate or intense black magic with the same methods to break other black magic made when you are the victim of this magic. Break all evil, break macumba and spells. remove all sympathies, remove the evil eye, envy. Anti Black Magic is not white magic, as it is often used by infernal entities themselves to undo pacts with them made by other people. She is a magic of good and peace but we use beings from the left.




Goetic Magic or Goetic Magic

Summon the 72 Spirits of Solomon:

Magia Goética ou Magia Goétia

Evocar os 72 espíritos de Salomão











































































Making a circle on the ground with protective powder or chalk, the magician stands inside the circle and evokes the spirits.

Using pentaweave and the Hexagram for protection as well

Make a triangle on the ground in front of the circle from which the magician is protected and in the triangle will be the 72 spirits with their seals. All spirits must obey the mage.

Use a command stick.

The spirits must heed the command by request, bargaining, or attrition in many conversations.

Goetic Magic can achieve any goal

Work Against Spiritual Persecution


Spiritual Work against Spiritual Persecution is a spiritual ritual done for people suffering from persecution from spirits that are persecuting the person throughout their lives. There are many spirits that come from other incarnations and for different reasons, such as enmity, revenge, crimes and other reasons, they pursue someone incarnate. Sometimes this spirit was incarnated in the past life and did not reincarnate anymore and the person who lived in other times incarnated with this spirit is reincarnated, for this reason we have persecuting spirits and people who are victims of this persecution.

Spiritual persecution also encompasses sent spirits, spiritual work breaks the energy of a sent spirit to obsess the person. There are works done for evil where the person who ordered the spell sends a low spirit to chase the person to destroy the person's life.

Another type of persecution are spirits that want the person to suffer for karmic reasons, they are the guardians of karma and do not let the person's life go forward to fulfill a guy. These spirits may even have a "good intention" but they don't have to get involved in the karma of others, so there is a spiritual work that eliminates the supervision of this type of spirit. We don't want inspection of our karma, we who fulfill karma or not, if we don't want to fulfill karma we can break that karma and no spirit has to be guardian of our karma. There are also spirits that want to embody a person anywhere, the persecutors of mediums are also blocked in this regard. There are also embodied spiritual persecutors who only have thoughts against the person, and want to know everything about the person's life and are glazed in the life of the persecuted person, releasing negative energies that will disturb the person.

There are other types of persecution, we will analyze case by case, and this work messes with the universal energy, blocks the spiritual energies of the persecuted and closes the person's body.

To apply for this job, please send by email some data:

full name

date of birth

city ​​where you born

city where you live

reporting of problems

a photo


Spiritual disobsession work

Trabalho de desobsessão espiritual

The work of spiritual disobsession consists of eliminating obsessing spirits that may harm the person's life. Eliminating obsessing spirits is a job that puts the person's life in excellent conditions, as he will no longer have the various problems caused by spiritual obsession:

Symptoms of Spiritual Obsession:

1 - Negative thoughts

2 - Fears: fear of death, fear of getting sick, fear of going crazy, fear of aging, fear of public speaking, fear of living, fear of living with people, fear of leaving home, fear of heights, fear of elevator, irrational fears. The fears that the obsessed person has are irrational, exaggerated fears. Everyone can be afraid to some extent but as long as it doesn't harm life, even the irrational ones, and there are rational fears, they are the fears that a person really should have because it's about a real danger.

3 - Hear voices

4 - See figures, spirits, images on the wall, ghosts, and things like that!

5 - Feeling persecuted, afraid of someone real, neighbors or acquaintances thinking that they are going to do harm, schisms in general, fear of the police for no reason.

6 - Thoughts of self-sabotage

7 - Bad luck in life, poor productivity in studies and work

8 - depression

9 - Exaggeration in some actions

10 - Sleeping too much or insomnia!

These are the main symptoms of an obsessed person, in addition to these symptoms there may be others that are not on this list, such as obsessive jealousy among other symptoms, but usually people who suffer from obsession have more than one symptom and this list shows the most common ones.

The spiritual work of disobsession is not easy, it takes a long time because the person who is a victim of a backlash, evil spirits and obsessors already has something materially affected, sometimes he already has addictions to drinks, drugs, cigarettes, etc. and he may already have a health problem. , in this case, it is important that spiritual treatment be combined with medical treatment. Many obsessed people are also treated in psychiatry, as they suffer a lot from phobias, anxiety and thought organization problems.

Spiritual work helps the person to improve all the symptoms, but the treatment is long and requires patience from the obsessed person and the family.

To carry out the spiritual work of disobsession, send some data to the email address:


Spiritual work against curses, plagues and religious plagues

Trabalho espiritual contra praguejamentos, pragas e pragas religiosas

Plague is when someone curses someone, wishes evil in thought, makes prayers and prayers asking God for the person's evil. This seems contradictory, but there are people who, even within churches, make prayers, prayers and requests to God and spirituality to wish evil, ask people to fall, break their legs, ask people to lose jobs, lose money, have a better life. of disgrace. It is contradictory to do this because it presupposes that someone who goes to a church is going to ask good for himself and for others as well. But it really isn't always like that.

Plagues: Plagues are curses, cursing people and wishing evil to be done through spiritual desire and asking for it from some spiritual or divine entity.

Religious plague: Religious plagues are the curses made inside evangelical churches, Catholic churches or temples that should be sought to do good, charity and love others, but some people may look for this place with the intention of cursing, asking God or to the angels to overthrow their enemies.

Asking God to do justice is a good thing because God will never hurt anyone no matter how bad it is, because we are all children of God and as a father, he always wants the good of his children, but in the plagues the person asks God for justice to overthrow an enemy , ending someone's career, causing the person to lose their job, money and health.

The spiritual work against plagues in general, including religious plagues, is a spiritual work that dismantles this macumba, as these religious plagues are works of evil, made to bring someone down.

When a religious plague is made, it is not God who answers the request, not even entities of good or evil, the person himself forms the negative energy through mentalization, this mental energy is transformed into telepathic and fluidic energy reaching the person directly victim causing things not to go well for that person in every way. This energy is worse than the work of revenge because it hits in a very cruel way and when the person who cursed finds out, he also says that God did justice, but it was not God who did this evil. The person himself with his spiritual and mental energy knocks down the victim person. Some have more energy than others but everyone has energy that can turn into bad energy to bring someone down, cursing is cursing and when this is done inside temples, centers or mosques, we name it religious plagues.

To dismantle any pest, send to the email:

full name

date of birth

problems that are in your life

city ​​where you born

city where you live

your religious belief


Spiritual work to win cause in justice

Spiritual work to win cause in justice


The Spiritual Work to Win a Case in Justice is a spiritual ritual focused on achieving the goal that will take place in a court of law.

Legal processes go through different energies because people are charged by fights, crimes, disagreements and all kinds of acts of negative energy.

The spiritual work to win a cause in justice works in several areas:

- Dismantle macumba work done on account of the court case

- Dismantles negative energies due to anger and opposing forces

- It breaks the negative force of the opposing party in the process, knowing that the opposing party often throws curses, evil eye, macumbas and often malice in the practical or material part with principals.

-Works on the spiritual strength of opening paths for the process to move quickly.

- To give a partial view of the judge giving empathy to the defendant and when it's a jury the empathy will come from the jury. Empathy and Sympathy of the jurors and the defendant to have a favorable legal outcome

- Work in the procedural legal sense where the other party opposing attorney or prosecutor is unable to succeed in their endeavors.

- And other types of specific work for each cause.

The work to win a case in justice can be used in all legal areas, civil, criminal, tax, labor, family, etc.

Criminal cases are the most difficult but we are still very successful in these cases and have a success rate of over 80% of cases worked.

If you have a problem in court, contact the seer magician and request his spiritual work, be sure to read the term and conditions, which is an orientation regarding the results and effects of spiritual work as a spiritual service within the scope of belief and religion, beyond paranormal.
Specific Spiritual Work for your case

If all the spiritual work that is on the menu on this site does not fit your case, your objective or you feel that for you it has to be a different job, then request a specific job for your case.

We try to put a variety of works on the site, the best known and the most requested, but of course the subject is broad and we have to focus on the individual and for each person there can be a job that is different. That is, even with the same name, rituals can be different, everything changes from person to person, in the spiritual world there is no standard, nothing is standardized, everything is relative to the person. We have to treat the patient individually, holistically, treating the whole. We see the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual part. With the guidance of spiritual mentors, we redirect the ideal work from person to person. In the binding work there are specific rituals but for each person there is a variation in the work, so even in the binding or whatever the work is will be individualized.

Of course, we have our own jobs for each case, and these jobs are not named in the menu.

To request your specific work for your case, send an email to the psychic medium and request an evaluation and ask what must be done to solve your problem.


Spiritual Work for Approval in Public and Private Contests

Trabalho Espiritual para Aprovação em Concursos público e privados


The Spiritual Work for approval in public and private contests is a magic ritual that captures all the energies of the Universe and of the job seeker to create focus and conquer the objective.

The spiritual work for approval in public and private contests mobilizes all these spiritual energies, uses the person's mental strength and turns it all into a focus that facilitates approval in contests.

The release of energy and the concentration of that energy in the person, changes the dispersion of energy and gains focus, which is why spiritual work helps to pass public tenders. Another aspect that helps in this work is spiritual help, some entities will do a work of remembrance in the person's mind. The person then gains focus through the concentration of energy and gains memories of what was studied, so he has a greater chance of memorizing and advising a contest test.

It is important to emphasize that the studies and the accumulation of information and data about the test must happen normally, that is, the person must continue studying the Edit of the contest, item by item and unravel all the matter, because the person will pass the public contest by merit, the aim of spiritual work is:

By avoiding dispersion of energy, make the person gain focus on this goal

Increase the ability to store information, data and materials in the head through expansion of consciousness

Spiritual Entities will help at the time of the test in terms of memory, bringing to mind everything the person has read and studied, so it is important that the person has studied a lot.

The Magician Seer will give all the guidelines given by the entities and will explain how to proceed to succeed in the contest.

IMPORTANT: The spiritual work of approval in contests is not a miracle, it is an energizing ritual to gain focus and expansion in the level of consciousness to increase IQ and brain space for memory, and the entities go to the day of the test to do with that the person remembers everything he studied.

Note: The longer before the test, the better to do this work, the effectiveness of the work depends a lot on the time taken, as the entities will increase their awareness during the studies.

To do this spiritual work it is necessary to send some data to the email:

Full name

Date of birth

City where you born

city where you live

Send item by item that will be on the test

Institution that will take the test and the place



Spiritual work to sell property

Trabalho Espiritual para vender imóvel

The spiritual work to sell property is highly requested by people who are in a hurry to sell the property or even those who are not in a hurry but want to find a buyer who will pay the price offered.

Nowadays in the capitalist world, money is something that is within all of us, we work and live for money but this cannot interfere with personal and spiritual life. More important than money is health, life in harmony with the family, life in society, the pursuit of happiness. Regarding the spiritual work to sell property, we must not leave our best values aside, we are human beings, we are endowed with love, feelings, pity and we have to understand life as a fullness.

Money is part of life, but we should never let money speak louder. The spiritual work to sell property is a spiritual tool that helps the person sell the property faster and at a market price. It's no use wanting to put an unfeasible price and do the work because it doesn't work, you don't even have to lose money to sell soon because the work will help sell your property.

The Spiritual Work to sell property covers all types of real estate, whether residential or commercial, land or buildings.

Works for brokers too to improve mood, facilitate sales and improve life in a holistic and healthy way.

To apply for real estate sales work:

applicant's full name

same date of birth


Summary of property history

If you have legal issues, let us know.

names and dates of birth of persons involved

value, check in Paypal

Send an email with the data and request the job

Spiritual work to take away a man's sexual potency

This work is very requested by women who are betrayed by their husbands, or even suffer from some type of sexual or physical aggression.
The man will only be turned on by the woman who commissioned the job. This man who is the focus of spiritual work will not feel sexual pleasure with anyone or anything, such as sex toys, sex shops, movies, etc. Any sexual attraction he feels will only be felt by the woman who commissioned the job.
This work to turn a man off can be ordered by women or gay men.
To request this spiritual work, please read the Terms and Conditions, which are just below the link, explaining the effects and guarantees of works in the spiritual scope.
To order work:
Full name of the person who commissioned the work.
Date of birth.
Name of the man to be drawn the potency.
Date of birth.
A photo to be sent to the email:

I need a summary of the history between the person who ordered the work and the man, the history of the relationship and the reasons that led the person who ordered the work to request the rituals.



Rituals for men: Attraction of women sexually through the entity Lilith

Rituais para homens: Atração de mulheres sexualmente através da entidade Lilith


The sexual attraction of women is a ritual of spiritualist sexual magic that invokes Lilith, the goddess of sex. The person who orders the work offers gifts to this sexual entity: strong ritual, sexual ritual, adult ritual and practical ritual with incorporations and sex with a group of men to have sexual relations with the Lilith entity. Rituals can only be done by incorporating Lilith. To perform spiritualist sexual magic with the entity Lilith, the medium must be: woman, trans woman, gay with a feminine spirit.
Lilith is a primitive spirit, not a phalanx spirit. The entity Lilith is feminine, it is a woman, according to studies and communications with entities, Lilith was Adam's first wife, took the place of Eve, committed adultery, fornication and was cast into hell. After that she went to Lucifer in a loving and sexual relationship. The spiritual entity Lilith does not have a physical body but has a dense spirit, which is why it is difficult to incorporate, when incorporating it leaves the medium with a semiconscious heavy body, sometimes totally unconscious.

Lilith the queen of sex, she feeds on sperm, on male orgasms, that's why she needs to have sexual relations in the true and practical sense, many times in dreams with men, many times in incorporation and many times participating from the side only by observing. Queen Lilith lives according to sex and through the feeding of sexual energies she manages to have power to move with the material world. Note: Lilith only feeds on male sexual energy.

The spiritual work with Lilith, which is a spiritualist sexual magic, is done for several purposes, and one of them is: to attract women. The man or men interested in attracting many women with all fantasies and fetishes make sexual offerings to Lilith, thus feed her, give her energy, so she is grateful and strengthened, then, puts it on the man who ordered the attraction of women, a strong attraction, a strong sexual energy that makes this man totally attractive, seductive, that has sparkle in his eyes, that emanates the smell of sex and that attracts everyone who has a feminine essence, women mainly.
Spiritualist sexual magic with Lilith with the aim of attracting women is ordered by men. Rituals and offerings are made by the seer magician and the effects and results vary from case to case. The man can participate in the rituals or not, this is not relevant to the result of the work, it is a question of liking sexual rituals and taking pleasure in them. If the man wants to participate in the rituals to attract women, he is allowed to participate but he should know that the rituals are adult, intimate and aimed at sexual pleasure for entities and for everyone who participates, in short, there will be practical sex. Black sexual magic is a way of feeling pleasure, because whoever orders the work must take great pleasure in having sexual relations with the sex entities, just as the entities must take pleasure. Important: These rituals are practical sexual so men must have an open mind and not have prejudices or moral precepts that prevent them from participating but if they do not want to participate, they can order the spiritual work with the magician and in their name the rituals will be done at a distance with the same result. Leave it to the wizard he does everything. If the man likes to participate in sexual rituals, they will be very welcome.






Sexual black magic with Lilith is a strong and powerful ritual to conquer various sexual goals. The sexual ritual with Lilith is performed by the seer magician in an offering of lust to Lilith. The offering to Lilith is a condition for the person who ordered the work to benefit from the requests. Requests for this ritual are usually sexual:
Sexual bonding by Lilith, this bonding is one of the strongest because Lilith's offering is a practical sexual ritual with sexual offerings to the entity and in these sexual energies the entity brings the person back or holds that person in a strong way. How is your sexual performance? Lilith improves your sexual performance, skills and dominance so that the person can have total sexual control over the person. Generally, Lilith's works that are requested for the purposes of domination, performance, skills, sexual potency are requested by men in relation to women, although there are fewer women who ask for this ritual in relation to men and women. Men can also attract women through this ritual, making Lilith's joy before the sexual ritual with offerings deliver a lot of sexual energy. Lilith's sexual black magic is very well known for those who work with this entity, some points are interesting to say, the rituals have some things that are not secret and other secret rituals that cannot be said here. Some parts of the ritual:
There are black and red candles, perfumes, incense, a whip, lingerie clothes, red wine, music or drums that affect the sexuality of the participants, there are participants who will perform a ritual with the seer magician who are men, because Lilith wants men in her ritual . As Lilith is a sexual and feminine entity, she looks for men as an offering. Other parts of the seer mage's rituals here are secret because they are intimate in scope.
Sexual Black Magic with Lilith to improve the abilities, performance, sexual potency of the man to conquer and dominate women: This ritual consists of sending to the man who asks for the ritual all the sexual energy that Lilith raises in the sexual rituals promoted by the seer magician.
Black Sexual Magic with Lilth for the realization of fetishes, sexual fantasies that the person asking is unable to fulfill, many men want their wife to go out with other men and he keeps looking, there are men who would like to see the woman with several men, many want swing, and many other fantasies and usually the wife doesn't agree. Lilith facilitates the realization of fantasies.
If in doubt, contact the seer magician and request a spiritual work of this type:


Magic increase sexual desire

Magia aumento desejo sexual



Spell to increase sexual desire
If you or your lover, spouse, girlfriend needs a sex boost, this spell is made for you. The spell to increase sexual desire is capable of saving engagements, marriages and families because sex is fundamental in a romantic love relationship, that's why the seer magician offers this sexual ritual through entities connected to the Earth, to the earthly plane, to matter, to lust, desires and pleasures. There are several entities: Lilith, Baphomet, Baal, Pigeon/a cute Quimbadeiras, Exús from the High Magic line, primitive spirits linked to lust and sex. Sexual performance through increased desire is able to exponentially increase sexual trance making intercourse pleasurable, happy and complete. A couple that loves each other but does not have complete sex can really be harmed and the couple can even break up or live a double life. The sex drive ritual can also be done for modern families, multiple partners, traditional families and single people to improve overall sex life.
You will be sexually energized, these energies will be released after sexual rituals and will be released into the universe and into your body so that you feel that the universe and sex are part of you and you are part of the whole. to do different things, creativity in sex, games, fetishes, and all that with your partner will give you a lot of satisfaction and tranquility and you will have a good sleep. Life is happy with sex well done.
To order this ritual contact the magician:

Gay Sexual Magic to attract men

Magia Sexual Gay para atrair homens

sexual attraction for gays

This spell is a spiritualist sexual magic, involves energizing sex, invoking entities and offerings. Perfect for a man who has desires for other men, although the word gay may not be suitable for some men, as there are bisexuals, homosexuals and even heterosexuals who eventually can have relationships with gays, let's say then sexual attraction between men, be gay , bisexuals, straight goys or even anyone who fits these desires and has not been named.
The sexual attraction for gays, makes the guy attract men, that men smell his sex, feel desire and everyone is on their feet. Gay sexual attraction is a male attraction and will always attract the ones you most desire. Of course, the sexual ritual attracts all men, but the entities and energy will always look for the one you like the most.
Spiritualist sexual magic specializes in sex with spirits, practical sexual rituals, sexual offerings to sexual entities. Spiritualist sexual rituals can be performed at a distance as the offerings will be given in your name, it can be done in person if there is availability both on the part of the person who will order the magic and the availability of the magician.
Order sex magic for gay men to attract men now:







Spiritual works using the invocation of Lilith and making requests and offerings to Lilith
Lilith is a female demon, and she is a spirit very similar to the entities that are called Pombo Giras or Pomba Giras, but it has nothing to do with the spiritual hierarchy, because the Pomba Giras are phalanges of women who lived on Earth a long time ago. some time ago and went to places that had affinities and joined with various phalanges, they did not reincarnate and did not go to monotonous spiritual planes, they went to various vibratory planes such as the plane of the Queens, the Mulambos, the Seven Skirts and so on. Lilith has never been incarnated, she has always been a spirit and has always lived in infernal surroundings, she always occupies chaos, lust, and is the antagonist of balance, good and evil, of the majority belief. Lilith is a demon proper and is one of Lucifer's women.
Lilith, the queen of hell, is also a Succubus, she lives on sexual energies, she feeds on sperm, on semen, that's why she keeps entering the earthly world to feed on semen, capturing the sexual energy of men and she doesn't she just does it because she needs to feed off that sexual energy, she loves sex, she's a sex fanatic, she loves sex. The Queen of Hell is a fully sexual being and lives in the spirit world as a result. Lilith's function is to feed on sex to enjoy sex and to help people with sexual issues. At this point the demon woman can help, she does, but she is a specialist in sexual matters. We know that sex is something physical but behind it there is an essential energy of gender and sexual orientation that nobody controls because the essence comes with birth and everyone wants sex according to the spiritual essence that they were born with. spiritual essence that makes people feel of such gender and have such sexual orientation and possible variants. There are many who speak ill of Succubus and Inccubus saying that they are beings that are evil, that they do evil because they have sex with incarnates, taking their energy, having sex with people to feed on sexual energies, but that's not it, it's not evil, sex is good. As for Lilith or another sexual being, Inccubus and Succubus enter into sexual intercourse with incarnated people they exchange energies, they feed on sexual energy and provide vital energy, energy of cheer, because people who go through this experience always wake up with the will to live , with life spirit and healthier. Lilith can help you, yes, she orders a spiritual work of magic from the seer magician and makes her request to Lilith. The spells made with Lilith can range from bonding, approximation in love, sexual potency, meeting a soul mate, conquering a woman or a man. She specializes in the area of sex and lust but can also help you in employment, business, and in all sectors of life, that's why the seer magician offers spiritual rituals with Lilith for any type of spiritual work.



The preferred spiritualist sexual magic in the field of sexuality and relationships is the pact with Lilith.
For the realization of the pact with Lilith, the person has to have an open mind so that he can understand that sex is the food of the primitive entity Lilith, hence some steps for the pact: Firstly, the person who is going to order the pact with Lilith has to have a goal. The pact rituals with Lilith can be of any type: financial, loving, sexual, health, family, etc. There is a more specific objective that is Lilith's specialty: SEX.
Sexual attraction of women is very effective for men, in this case Lilith works with a lot of strength and determination because the offerings can be made by the men themselves, as for the women pacted by Lilith, they have to offer men. The Lilith entity is considered a primitive sexual spirit and feeds on the sexual energy of men, so for men it is easier to give offerings while for women it is more complicated but it is not impossible, as it becomes more costly because Lilith wants a sexual offering from men . The woman in the case has to deliver men to participate in sexual magic rituals. in any case, the seer magician can make a pact with Lilith for both men and women, and men can participate in the rituals while women do not participate but can request the rituals from a distance.
The pact with Lilith gives the man a lot of sexual energy, sexual powers of conquest, attraction, persuasion, domination, realization of fetishes. Men who see sex as something very important in life and who are very sexualized are ideal for making a pact with Lilith, as this will bring you great pleasure both in participating in rituals, if you want, and in conquering fetishes, fantasies , wishes!
The pact rituals follow a few steps: Preparation of the offering, energization, practical sexual ritual with the invocation of Lilith, offerings, signing of the pact with sexual energy.
Let us remember that all spiritual rituals are of a religious, occult nature and only adults can participate in these rituals since they are for adults and intimate. The person who will participate in the rituals must know all the steps so that they have pleasure and enjoy the ritual. The pact ritual with Lilith is similar to tantric massage but in this case it is an energy manipulation for the entity and not for the person to focus on the goal through their sexual energy. There is a sexual arousal and sexual energization along with the invocation of Lilith that will cause the energy to rise. Lilith feeds on that energy. Therefore, only older people and men can participate in these rituals. Men and women can ask for a pact with Lilith: Men can participate or not in the rituals, it's up to each one. Women do not participate in the rituals, but they can agree at a distance through offerings to Lilith.
High Magic works with primitive entities and is a sect that brings to the carnal world: the spiritual, joining each other. The densest spirituality has everything to do with matter. While there are religions and sects that separate the spiritual from the carnal, High Magic brings the two together. Spirits connected to Earth, connected to material life, love to incorporate incarnated people to feel earthly pleasures, so they respond to the request and carry out the spiritual treatment to achieve the requested objectives.

Develop and improve your sexual skills

Desenvolva e melhore sua habilidades sexuais



Develop and improve your sexual skills: This spell or magic is specially designed for your profile and your needs that want to have an intense, loving, satisfied and full sex life. The spell gives you sexual abilities you didn't have before, sexual abilities you want to have in order to satisfy your lover and yourself. This spell is for everyone, as there are transcendent and spiritual abilities that everyone must request, as the sexual energies brought by entities benefit even those who think they have all the abilities, in any case there are people who are most benefited by the spell:
- Dramatically lacking sexual skills.
- Want to improve performance, sexual performance
- Wants to have multiple orgasms
- Want to satisfy your partner better
- Want to improve penile erection time
- You want to feel something in your orgasm that transcends the physical part, making you feel spirituality act
- Frigid, cold, impotent people
- People who are not very sexually interested
- People who cannot satisfy their partner or partner
- People who want to win back their loved one through complete sex
- Longer sex sessions
The results of the spell are so good that your partner will want sex on a daily basis, you will always be willing, the couple or the couple will always have more pleasure and even more love, longing and feelings may occur, if in the relationship there is the intention of something related serious, but the spell is also useful for people who don't want anything serious, they just want sexual pleasures for themselves and for those who are together in the sexual session. Thus, the skills will be useful for amanets, married couples, boyfriends, orgies, fetishes and all kinds of sexual relations that require more skills or that the applicant wants to have transcendent skills.
Summary result: The spell will give you a complete sexual performance and will improve what you already have sexual that seems to be complete, and therefore all of the above has happened. The skills will be in the material and spiritual field, body and soul, and all the skills are: agility, activation time, being able to transcend and transcend the people who are in the session, prolonged and controlled sessions and other skills not described here but will appear as the profile of each one and the improvement of sexual performance together with the increase of skills will put you in a situation of "infinite now" which is something that time stops and it seems that there is an intense living in the here and now, something that doesn't work to describe with words.
To request spiritual work, spell or magic: Develop and improve your sexual skills contact the seer magician Reidovudu:
Ter grande potência sexual através da magia sexual com Liith

xlilith lilith.jpg

Sexual abilities, potency, number of times of orgasm, sexual performance in general is very important for a man of any age. Man is a sexual being and there is a great demand in society regarding masculization, sexuality and man's sexual potency. Through spiritualist sexual magic we can work on sexual skills, sexual potency, sexual energy so that a man can have effective, pleasurable and intense sexual relations with all the women he wants, as many times as he wants and it can be with just one woman or with several. The important thing here is the sexual energy that brings all these abilities. Here we are dealing with the scope of spiritualist sexual magic.
Men's sexual potency is the object of medicine in terms of men's sexual health, after being resolved by medicine, men want more, more potency, more pleasure, and more intensity. Spiritualist sexual magic acts at all stages of the treatment of male sexual impotence, never dispensing with medicine. It happens that many times the man has already undergone medical treatment and is still not fully satisfied, and that is where sexual magic comes in. Sexual magic can be tantric or spiritualist. Here we are dealing with spiritualist sexual magic.
The intensification of man's sexual abilities, sexual potency, sexual energy, all form a package in a work of spiritualist sexual magic with Lilith, through invocation of Lilith, spiritual rituals with Lilith and offering to Lilith. Rituals with Lilith bring pleasure, the objectives of the work are the effectiveness of pleasure, the intensity and transcendence in the sexual act. Only for men, right now, order a spiritualistic sexual magic with the entity Lilith:

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