Mooring of 7 odus


This spiritual work is done in 03 steps and, for this reason the results only happen after 3 days counting from the completion of the work. Unlike other spiritual works of love tangles, this work is also mooring but made for the two odus. Tie up the male odú man with female odú woman. For those unaware, odú mean paths, destinations. In this case the work will make a enter the fate of the other definitely. This could be done any day with the exception only the sixth - fairs. It is a delicate work hard to do because it is done in three steps. The first step delivery to the offerings and obligations in spring water. The second stage delivers up white offerings on a mountain on the east of the road. The third step will be delivered in the middle of a coffee plantation, and this time will be made the confirmation procedures upon the couple's photos involved in this work. Starting hence the principal person of this work search soak in cold shower for 03 consecutive days and wear light-colored clothes to sleep. As the head of the person will already be changed and all, facing think only of the principal person of this work, she can call, send messages and mainly reach this principal person work proposing a new relationship. Because it is a very difficult job to do and a job that spends many expensive materials and especially the priest takes very time that will do it, we charge the amount of $ 10,000,00 (Ten thousand Reais) and , so they get confirmed your deposit in our account will be sent to your e-mail a username and password for access to a unique page that will be created in your website. In his exclusive page you will have available: Audio, photos and videos of their work. Also on this page have everything on their lives as: Colors of luck, numbers of luck, protective deities etc etc and of course the document guarantees this spiritual work.