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Covenant Ritual - [Pact with Lucifer]

The Lucifer pact is an alliance between an individual and the Great God Lucifer.
Lucifer, after he came to this land, has always helped humanity, has been with us and will always be, many people disown him due to an ancient lie created by the tyranny of the world, but we Luciferians are always ahead of everything, we are always great, and our master puts us in the best possible situations.

The pact with Lucifer will change your life. It is a procedure done in complete secrecy between you, your priest, the Warlock who will take your pact to Lucifer, and Lucifer himself. Reidovudu has been performing covenant rituals for over 20 years, and always obtaining satisfactory results in people's lives.

If you suffer to the point of not knowing what to do, this is the right way. Many say that if you are suffering it is because the Christian god so wishes. But if that god desires your suffering, MY DOES NOT WISH, he will free you from the suffering and pain of humiliation, he will make you much better and give you, in your hands, everything you desire. He can, because he is the great Genius of Life and therefore accomplishes anything. If you have this desire, don't think twice, because it's your turn to change your life.

NOTE: You hear about many pacts that do not produce results because people go after false priests and false sorcerers. The pact will only work if you do the ritual with a priest who is REALLY part of the Luciferian World.


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