What is it?

This is a mystical process through which you invoke spiritual entities that will act in the life of a person in order to influence her to be with someone who has this job for money.

A mooring for truth is conducted using the entities of darkness and black magic. So who claims held moorings only by well, with angels and white magic, or is lying not to scare, or know nothing of what you're talking about.

The angels and the entities of light does not force anyone to stay with anyone, do not change the course of life because of any orders made and paid for with money. So by saying that white magic, an angel or a saint is a tie is like asking a fish meat, makes no sense.

A saint can even 'twist' to which a person is with another, and he can even do a 'forcinha' to happen like that. But a saint is not

sell for money, not a saint and a torment to anyone, a holy respect the will of God.

It is the bodies of spiritual darkness, especially those related to lust or pure evil, perform these tasks through its invocation with rituals and black magic products.

What effect produces a mooring?

A mooring is a stay with another person, or does it come back, she does not want and stop thinking that other person.

Therefore, as is explained below, the work of mooring just opening a door for the person who ordered the tie between the door and finish by winning the victorious life of another person. "

How does a mooring can produce the result of union?

Anchor produces a result of this union because the spiritual entities that are addressing the person attached will cause certain effects on her life.

In so being, a mooring that opens that door was closed, so that the person who made the tie between the door and finish by winning the victorious life of another person.

You asked:

- That produces a binding effect? What effect has the invisible spirit that is operating a mooring in the life of a person?

The spirits will basically 5 types of effects
in the life of the person they want to tie who commissioned the work of magic.

5 The effects of a mooring are:

1-The spirits will mutter the entire time the name of the person who asked the mooring, tied to the ear of the person in a torture invisible. If the person is stubborn, it may take some time to resist the temptation to be with the person who sent to the mooring, but it will not suffer much if you do.

2 - The spirits are drunk the person attached with strong and ardent lust, sexual desire and terrible, opening them to an irresistible thirst for sex.

3 - The spirits will train the person, breaking her spirit so that the person will go slowly bent and she is loose and calm. They can do it with constant and demoralizing events that are slaughtered just to the person. In this case, the person sees all the doors locked in your life and it seems that nothing is certain, that luck left the life of that person attached.

4 - The spirits will cause trouble, misfortunes, losses, pains, problems and all kinds of setbacks the person attached. The person will not suffer greatly as to the person who ordered the mooring, and when her calm down and everything will be fine. But each time you stay away, that person will have tied the underworld. And each time they refuse to talk or return, that person will suffer torments tied. So they say a mooring:

'That guy just do not eat if not by my side and that guy that does not sleep if not by my side and that guy that everyone suffers the most cruel torments if not next to me, that guy has no such happiness is not 're by my side, etc .... "

5 - The spirits may even infiltrate the dreams of the person tied, tormented her with constant views of the person who ordered the mooring, or erotic dreams with that person, or with endless nightmares, causing great mental and spiritual instability. In doing so, they are torturing and broken the spirit of the person attached to it is weak and succumb to the wishes of the person who did the work.

In making these 5 types of effects in the life of the person attached, the work of mooring just opening a door for the person who ordered the tie between the door and finish by winning the victorious life of another person.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that a spirit of darkness will "take the walk 'and' cling to the neck" of a person attached as a wolf 'tools' in a ram. He will "drink the blood spiritual" that person to arm her will, he will torment the person to do it follow another course of life, he will fill with desire and temptation of that person's body, he will infernizar the life of that person to her being commissioned to whom the work of mooring.

Therefore it is also easy to understand that all the effects that produce a tie, (which are described above) are not typical of white magic, but only specific to black magic or Voodoo.


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