Pomba gira

Pomba turns

The Pigeons are Giras entities that women in ancient times lived among human beings. In medieval times were heavily discriminated against, not because of exceptional powers, but only because they are women of great beauty. Considered different by society, have suffered extreme prejudice to the point of making them slaves of the lust of the noble, oppressed and humiliated, was forced to stifle their innermost dreams and desires, living furtively with heart full of love and desire to love touches the skin.

             After dying of old and used in inhumane conditions, culminating with the season of witches and witch hunting. In this context there is a powerful young witch in a body that would be all noble, and with its power of transformation founded a company called "Women and Ladies of the Night Cabaret." In this society the lovers began to meet and get men to be happy, with liberty and conditions of learning magic, charms, spells and sympathies in order to get what they wanted men. But still vitiated without achieving their dreams.

        The witch who founded the company was called Pomba turns, and she transmitted to the cult of witchcraft apprentice to the other die, and thus was born the cult of Pomba Gira, the incorporation of old women who were beautiful and mediumistic sensitivity desired.

              The message was brought by incorporating the knowledge of magic and charms to protect women living in the world of the terrors of sex slavery, even bringing luxuria cultuadoras for information on how the man loved to win and want to make it slave.