An unbeliever man on issues of black magic, talking with a magician.

Said the man incredulous:

Man: 'witches and wizards, that it is all a corja of charlatans. There is no magic, no witchcraft. If there were, they solve all the problems of the world and would not divorce, nor hunger, nor unhappiness. The wrong turn and end of the world would be perfect. And nothing happens, does it? To me, they just promise, promise, and not meet. Everything is the same, nothing changes, the evil never ends, never has the misfortune in this world. It's all just chatter. Are just charlatans. "

Answer the wizard:

Wizard: You believe in God?

Man: I believe.

Wizard: So God exists.

Man: Yes, to me God exists.

Wizard: this written in the Bible that God is spirit, that God is the Lord of spirits, which is surrounded by spirits, right?

Man: As far as I know, yes.

Wizard: Well if you believe that God is spirit and that is surrounded by spirits, then you believe in spirits, right?

Man: Yes, I assume that is it.

Wizard: And God created everything that exists, right? The day and night, cold and heat, death and life, man and woman, finally .... Everything.

Man: Yes, right.

Wizard: And in this case, if God created everything that exists, he also created good and evil, right?

Man: Yes, I reckon.

Wizard: So if we believe in the God created good and evil, then he is the source of good and evil, right?

Man: Well, seeing something .... I think so, since he created everything, right?

Wizard: So if God is the source of good and evil because you think that the wizard can stop all the evil, where good and evil are things that comes from God and that he himself created. Shall not seek God on this issue rather than blame the wizard? If God is father of good and evil, if God created good and evil, if God sustains the evil in this world, (as well the claims), and thus sustains everything that exists, then why blame the wizard? Is not the same as blaming the sculpture by the sculptor did what? Is not the same as blaming the doctor for the death of people?

Man: In this view .... It makes sense. But for me it is different from the subject of witches.

witches: Continuing, I say: Well, as the medical aid to combat death and in life often beat death and save lives, the wizard works with the spirits to help achieve happiness. But even if the doctor is not in order to cure himself and dies, they may order the sorcerer by unhappiness that sometimes wins in people's lives?

Man: I agree with the example of doctors. But still saying that when we are talking about witches, it is another. The truth is that the witches promised things that sometimes do not happen. And that is why I say they are charlatans.

Witches: And when the doctor starts a treatment does not promise a cure? Does not work to cure his patient?

Man: Of course

Wizard: And when a lawyer defends his client does not promise to justice? Does not work with all their knowledge to protect your client?

Man: Yes, of course.

Wizard: And yet, it is not true that people die from medical treatment, "and it is not true that people are wronged defended by the lawyer?

Man: Yes, that is true. You can not always win.

Wizard: But it is also true that many lives are saved by the physician, and defended many clients that the lawyer get justice, right?

Man: Yes, they obvio.È for this work.

Wizard: So why do the sorcerer anyone other than doctor, lawyer or, if all are children of God? Why is it that when the doctor fails and someone dies, or when the lawyer fails and someone is wronged, not the called charlatans?

Man: Because in this case these are the sciences, these are people who studied for years on end to take a course and deal with facts. And in science it is obvious that not everything can always go well. But in the case of witches, there are no guarantees. Lots charlatan. It is not a science, not to take courses in universities such as doctor and lawyer. May very well just be talking to get soft money people.

Wizard: and I wonder: there are no lawyers arrested for having committed crimes, "there are no doctors accused of negligence," there is good and bad doctors, as well as good and bad lawyers?

Man: I think so. In everything in life there are good and bad professionals.

Wizard: then said that the science and universities?

Man: in such cases, nothing. But keep saying it is different.

Wizard: And I wonder: the priest, deals with science? Or indeed, the priest is a man of God, a man of faith, a man dedicated to the spiritual life?

Man: Sure, the priest is a man of faith, devoted to God and to life espirtual. You can even have a degree, but in fact is essentially a man of Deus.Isso is obvious.

Wizard: so the sorcerer, as the priest, are people dedicated to the spirits and the spiritual world, right?

Man: Yes, though in different ways. But yes, people are both dedicated to faith and the spiritual world.

Wizard: And the priest when celebrating a wedding is not promising the happiness of a couple to unite it, by the power invested in them, the eyes of God? Father does not try to unite this couple forever, under the protection of God?

Man: I reckon. Bright.

Wizard: And it is true many people who divorce by married priest?

Man: Yes

Wizard: And it is true that many people are happily married by Father?

Man: Yes

Wizard: So why not call the priests charlatans, each time he blesses a marriage with the power of God, and at the end that marriage has broken?

Man: What if this happened was not the fault of the priest, but the fault of people who are married and that may not have followed the right path. If people decide not to follow the rules of marriage, the priest has to do with it?

Wizard: But the priest joined this couple under the protection of God the Father promises that divine spiritual protection to celebrate the union of a couple in the eyes of God. And the priest says: 'What is united in this world is forever united in heaven. That no man separate what God has joined. Therefore, the priest is on behalf of the spiritual power of God, uniting a couple and setting on this couples the protection of God. Why people marry in church, to marry in the eyes of God and receive his protection and eternal union.

Man: Yes it is. But if the man decides to separate what the priest joined in the eyes of God, that fault is the priest? But if man chooses to destroy what the priest joined, the priest who is guilty? I see where this is charlatans.

Wizard: Well, there answer: But if the bad intention, the bad feeling, the greed, the lust and envy the people decide what ruin sorcerer has to separate what the sorcerer united, destroying what the sorcerer build, destroy and lock what the wizard has released and that guilt is witchcraft? I see also the charlatans in this case. Where is the difference between the wizard and priest? When someone decides to separate a couple, lust for a woman or a man, or when someone decides to ruin a couple of envy, guilt that has destroyed the wizard to see your work, just as the priest saw his work destroyed? That guilt has the farmer when the cold or heat to destroy the work? That guilt has the fisherman when the storm destroys it work? Are all charlatans?

Man: No. Certainly not.

That guilt has the Wizard, or the priest, to see your work sometimes destroyed by hand the malicious person who is devoted to unhappiness and destroys others what their spiritual work promised to do? Both are charlatans because of that?

Man: No. But the Father is not like the sorcerer. The priest works with God, is certainly a priest and a man of good.

wizard: But there are still moments ago have admitted that not believe in God, believe also in spirits because God is spirit and is lord of the spirits, as written in the scriptures sagrads?

Man: Yes, of course, admit

Wizard: So if the priest who works with God is good, the bad sacedorte because we believe that working with spirits?

Man: How so?

Wizard: The priest who works with God is the Father. The priest who works with spirits is witches. Because therein and praised each other, if both work with the same? If both work with the spirits?

Man: But the priest works for the good.

Wizard: The well is not an evil for another? What an achievement, is not what stops another win?

Man: Yes

Wizard: Once the happiness and well that it won a thing, is not evil and misfortune of others that could not win this thing?

Man: Yes
Wizard: Let us see: If two men fight for a woman is not the right one who can conquer the evil one who has not win?

Man: Sure.

Wizard: And if a priest helped a man to conquer a woman, was not he the man that well, but the evil of the other failed to win a woman because of the interference is priest?

Man: Yeah, suppose so.

Wizard: So have to agree that the father works for the good of those who seek its help. The priest intercedes with the spirit of God to encourage those seeking the help of the priest. But to do this, this favoring all others who were not favored by his help.

Man: Yes, I agree.

Wizard: Well, the Wizard also works for the good of those who seek its help. Because therein then the Wizard?

Man: In this connection I, or am forced to agree that the Wizard who serve the demand, as the priest who seeks to promote demand. But we put the question of money, the wizard collects money ....

wizard: And do not charge them money to do their job? Not pagais a wedding? Not pagais a funeral? Not pagais mass of the seventh day? You are not required alms? Do not have an ordained priest to allow it to live? Not have the heritage churches, houses and property?

Man: Sure.

Warlock: And is not written in the Bible, about the salary of the priests: "Give for free what you were given for free, but the worker who works, must be given their salary?, Because if the farmer works the land, priest working in the spirit?

Man: Yes, it is written.

Wizard: And then your answer.

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