Are spiritual process with the aim of uniting two people, commissioned by those who want to stay with someone and they paid a witch doctor for such purpose. Operate through the invocation of spirits that will torment the person attached to it back to who has the spirit amarração.O who has commissioned the work of mooring is tied to the person think of another that has a mooring, it will create sexual desire in person attached, will interfere and block the person's life tied, everything to break their strength, their knees will and make her stay calm, creating a vulnerability that opens the door to be grasped by those who tied.
Oracle is a response given by a god or spirit to a question put to it. The response of an oracle result in revelations about what will happen so that an end is reached, and this gives it the name of prophecy. A religion is a set of principles or practices, through which it communicates with a god, gods or celestial beings. The astrology is a means of producing oracles. According to religion sibylline and under the spell and Jewish traditions, the astrology is a process of astromancia, ie a way to view celestial bodies in the manifestation of spiritual entities or celestial forces.
Infestation occurs when very negative spiritual forces were launched through a curse against someone or some place as a home, a home, etc.. The infection takes care of a person or a place. When infested by negative spirits, the infected person (or that is in contact with a place that was infested), starts to act contrary to their interests, thereby creating chaos and ruin to all levels of your own life . Together, all that is bad tends to approach the person, as the person irresistibly attract all that is negative to join them. When an infestation is a person strongly entrails, negative events begin to occur unexpectedly and follow up time after time, without stopping. After a while, the person is not aware of how to fell such a course of disaster.


It is known in the Bible that were delivered to the man by the hand of God. It also reads that God gave to many of their prophets and seers to the spiritual force, invoking the spirits of him, can cause major damage in the life of a person, a family or a people. The curses can reach anyone in this life, or last generations and play the descendants of someone. The curse is a curse extended with great force by Magic-spiritual, is an oath, an application or a supplicates made by someone to harm someone, but with great violence. The plague, or curse, cause great evil which is achieved, especially if you ordered a sorcerer.
Black Masses:
The Christians and Jews believe that by practicing their masses can invoke the spirit of God oo spirit of angels, (etc.), and that to do so because it is invoking and protections for themselves. However, to do it so the believers are praying, burning incense, making offerings of food or wine, (etc.), thus performing what is known as White Magic. The Luciferianos, Satan, Quimbandistas, (etc.), believe that performing a reversal of the White Mass (Mass in which the normal invoke spirits of Light, or White Magic), is getting the reverse effect, ie, they are invoking spirits of darkness, demons and ultimately, the very devil. In so doing, make offerings and demonic are practicing black magic in order to obtain the benefits they want.
The sin of witchcraft are a wizard.

It is a mystical black art of Afro-Brazilian origin. This art is limited to invoking of evil spirits, unlike Umbanda and Candomblé, which operate both with evil spirits and with spirits of light. Lucifer is the greatest evil spirits and with the devotion of practitioners of Quimbanda and Exus or demons that have power to cause various types of evil. The Quimbanda is thus the practice of black magic cult related to African witchcraft. The Quimbanda was born Bantus, Angola, Cambindas, Benguela, Congo, Mozambique, etc.. Worship the same deities and entities that umbanda "white" but works mainly with exus disembodied spirits that are considered. Exus to the quiumbas by orders paid by the client, perform spells or counter-spells. To promote or hinder certain persons generally in terraces of the call is made quimbanda Macumba. Made from the midnight of the 6th. Fair, Exus and doves cute dance, smoke cigars or cigarillos, marafo drink, say nice or palavrões assistants and provide consultation on health or personal problems. The cultural quimbanda very Omolu, Orixá connected to earth and death. In the cemetery is a part of the initiation of many quimbandeiros, the start, lie down on a grave a few hours between candles and songs of the leader and started the yard, taking before and after to meet various obligations, the clothes in general are umbanda the same line, but there is much use of red and black, colors of Exú and Omolu. Many used to work with gunpowder, powders and herbal magic, black cocks and hens. The orders are placed at crossroads in cross (males) or T (female) with candles, flowers and red ribbons in bowl
Atrasadíssimos spirits belonging to the Kingdom of Quimbanda are obsessores He is the human or "lean to" them, giving them negative ideas of disease, males suicides and so on. They also mystifier, making it through high spirits. Also called "tails of encruza" are nosétimo and final plan of the spiritual hierarchy is monitored and controlled by exus. Santana, Pacts, possessions, witches and witches: Santana is the first angel created by God on the first day of Creation. As described in the book of Isaiah, was to be the most beautiful creation and all things were created by his father to receber.No the Qu'ran, it was reported that from fire, and has 12 wings unusually large. In some Jewish traditions, (Midrash) were portrayed as the angel of death, whom God gave the power over life and death, and the government of the kingdom of the dead, or the world of espiritos.Isaias describes it wanted Sata be like your pai.Ao do so, entered into war with his father, and the dispute led a battle in which the heavenly Angel Miguel was general of the forces of God. Setana lost the battle, fell into disgrace and was banished from the presence of God, going since then to live in this world, (which became the 'Prince'), and to live spiritually in the world of the dead.
The possession:
It is the invasion of the body by the devil. But beyond the involuntary possession (in which the person does not want to be held and it is against his will), there is a voluntary possession, or the consortium with the devil. In this type of possession, the person wants to be possessed by the devil and signs a pact with him.

A pact:

Generally involves certain benefits in exchange for the agreed sale of the soul to the devil by the person who sought the pact. It is said that Satan has many powers, including to express itself in human form or animal. The relationship of the devil who seeks an agreement, (a voluntary possession) has been recognized as purely physical and particularly sexual. Most of the history of Christianity there are reports of Satan having sex with humans, either as Incubus (male demon) or sucubus (female demon). The witches and wizards: fruit were above those unions between humans and demons. They can do so directly, if the devil has the woman directly, but may do so indirectly, if the devil have to incorporate a man a woman or vice versa. The demonic conceptions are more frequent in the second case. For children being considered 'hybrid' between humans and demons, witches and witches were seen as being particularly pernicious and vicious because, or inherited some of the powers of the devil or inherited the ability of contact with the demonic spheres.