San Cipriano

Tascius Caecilius Cyprianus, was born in the city of Antioch.

Antioch was an ancient city built on the left bank oronto, Turkey. It was in this city that, when Christianity was just a small religious sect, Paul preached his first sermon in a synagogue, and was also here that the followers of Jesus were called Christians first.

Antioch was the third largest city in the Roman Empire, known for its depravity. In this city known as "Antioch, the beautiful," or the "Queen of the East" (It was the beauty of Roman art and the luxury that is based in eastern stunning scenery), the population was predominantly Roman, Greek, and worship of gods was the official religion. Some religious cults were associated with goddesses of love and fertility, and the lust, perversion and vice was fashionable in this city.

It was in this religious and cultural environment that Cipriano was born, there were engaged in the sacred temples of the city to perform their priestly studies and mystics.

Son of édes, (father) and Cledónia, (mother), Cipriano nurtured a true vocation and love for the mystical and religious studies. Thus Cyprian devoted his life to the study of witchcraft, which was known by the epithet of 'sorcerer'. Cipriano achieved great fame and his name was recognized as a powerful sorcerer, capable of great wonders.

Cyprian was born in 250 AD He was descended from a prosperous family and son of wealthy parents and believers of the gods paid, which soon surrendered to the priesthood of God.

Cipriano came into contact with as witchcraft, and hard deepened his studies of witchcraft, sacrificial rituals and invocations of spirits, astrology, divination, etc..

Cipriano is not limited to his studies in the priesthood in Antioch, and desiring to further their studies hidden, traveling through Egypt and Greece, raising awareness with several masters mystics and priests, he looks from the most ancient astrological techniques, to Jewish numerology, etc. .



Around its 30 years, Cipriano is in Babylon, where the witch is Évora.

Studying with her, Cyprian develops their skills premonitórias and other materials on the arts of witchcraft in the mystical traditions of the Chaldeans.

After the death of the Witch Évora, Cipriano inherits its esoteric manuscripts, which draws much of its hidden wisdom.

After a while, Cipriano has mastered the art of science of black magic by contacting demons.

It is said that it became a close friend of Lucifer and Satan, to which could raise the ruin of many young and beautiful women, which very pleased to hell, which in turn gives you great supernatural powers.

(About as a warlock or witch become servants of the devil, see witches and demons, and the Malleus Maleficarum and Sabbath),

With this infernal power, built a career of Cyprian sorcerer with great fame, producing great achievements, which earned him a reputation for great imprecedível wizard.

Many people from across the geographic mystics sought their services and their financial gains were substantial.



Cipriano was the author of several works and treated mystics, and was already a wizard respected, renowned and feared, when he was approached by a guy name of 'Aglaide' (or Adelaide).

The boy was passionately in love with a beautiful Christian maiden name of Justina.

Being rich, Aglaide quickly found the consent of the parents of Justina on a marriage with her but the lady professed a strong faith and wanted to maintain its purity, giving their virginity to God. Therefore, Justina refused to get married.

Sorry but with strong determination to have Justine, Adelaide has the services of spiritual Cipriano.

Cyprian used the entire length of his spell to fall in Justine carnal temptations, leading it to open up and offer to Aglaide, while renouncing the Christian faith.

Cipriano made use of various malignant work, and yet none had any effect.

To surprise of Cyprian, the whole battalion of spells he used was repulsed by the young girl only through the sign of the cross and their prayers


Used to do beautiful girls fall into the temptation of the flesh and thus leads them to come by way of lust, winning them for himself, (for the devil, with whom they sold the souls perversion), or for open to him who ordered the services of witchcraft, Cipriano can not understand what was happening.

He encountered many difficulties, and night after night the couple visited Justina with its hellish amount of spells. Nothing worked.

Cipriano was deeply disappointed with their mystical arts that until then had worked so hard and inevitably, to now being defeated by a mere damsel in faith in God in Christ.



Advised by Eusebius, (your friend), and noting the power of faith in Justin, Cyprian concerts is to Christianity.

Well-being, the sorcerer destroy all their esoteric works of black magic and treated, and offered and distributed all his property and wealth to the poor.


Once you convert, Cipriano was also heavily plagued by the spirits of the witches persecuted, but had faith in themselves and thus rejected such apparitions that only wanted to renew the ways of witchcraft.


Cyprian to fame however was great and the news of his conversion to Christianity came to the court of Emperor Diocletian that the date was fixed residence in Nicomedes.


Cyprian and Justina were persecuted, imprisoned and washed the emperor, before which were forced to deny their faith.



Justina was naked and whip, while Cyprian was martyred with a whip of iron combs.

Even with the flesh torn from the body of each of the whip flogging with teeth of iron, Cyprian not disbelieved their faith and suffering Justina has remained faithful to God.

Faced with the refusal of Cupriano and Justina to renounce the faith, the emperor ordered his death sentence.

Cyprian and Justina were beheaded on 26 September 304 AD, along with another martyr of Teotiso name. Agreed to implement with great faith and serenity, and died with courage and dignity.

Their bodies were not buried, and were exposed for 6 days. A group of Christians moved by the barbarity, collected them.

Later, the Christian emperor Constantine, (272 - 337 AD), heard of St. Cyprian.

CONSTATINOU The emperor was the first Roman emperor to confirm the Christianity as official religion. Legend has it that the night before a decisive battle at ports of Rome, the emperor dreamed of a cross and heard a voice that said: "under this symbol will win.

Constantine interpreted the dream as a message from God, and in fact won the battle and won the highest position of power of the Roman empire. Ruled the empire until death.

It was Constantine who convened the Council of Niceia, which fixed the date of Easter crest, and was decided on the divine nature of Jesus. Constantine was also through the edict of Constantine, has set Sunday as the Christian day of rest, corresponding to the Jewish Sabbath.

Constantine ordered that the remains were buried in Cipriano in the Basilica of St. John Latrão, located in the square with the same name in Rome, which is the cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, namely the pope. The Basilica of St. John of Latrão (Archibasilica Sanctissimi Salvatoris) is the 'mother' of all the churches, one in which the Pope exercises his highest divine office.

The Basilica of St. John of Latrão is located in the square of the same name in Rome and is the cathedral of the Bishop of Rome: the Pope. Its official name is' Arquibasílica of the Holy Savior, and is considered the "mother" of all the churches of the world.

It was in "Omnium Urbis et Orbis Ecclesiarum Mater et Caput" (mother and head of all churches of the world), which is Cyprian, the martyr and saint, found his eternal rest.

Every route of San Cipriano is a true ode to life in the splendor of its existence:

the devil to God, the angels, the demons, witchcraft is the Christian faith, the black magic to white magic, everything is plunged Cipriano, studied and lived.

From sin to virtue, lust of the sanctity of wealth to poverty, the power will martirização, if someone is worthy of a full path there, rich and rewarding, this is so holy that it represents.

Contentious and controversial, St. Cyprian in the very notion of spiritual evolution through the deep experience of many different spiritual realities, (the more profane over the most sacrificed asceticism), body found in the life and work of the sorcerer and martyr.

There were other figures like him throughout history:

Deeply loved Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and lust, a woman totally surrendered to the pleasure of the flesh of vanity and lust, and that later would be Santa, Paul persecuting the innocent men and women killed just for being Christians. He was a bloodthirsty predator of men, a murderer who witnessed the death of St. Stephen (first martyr), and that Christians persecuted and killed on the road leading to Damascus, which then amounted to Santo; Mary Egyptian, lived in Alexandria, (Egypt), where he became prostitute. Do not sell the body thinking of money, but the defect of pleasure. Who wanted to pay him, she refused the money and said that if prostitution only to have those men could be making the grace that gave him pleasure. Also it became St. Mary of Egypt, the hermit.

The story is full of saints who were sinners, and great sinners who became saints.

San Cipriano is one such example of human nature in all its complex extension:

the sinner dedicated to witchcraft, sorcery by conquering beautiful women to deliver the hands of the devil and the lust, it is the most devout saint assumption of the term.

Much more than just a wizard, or just a saint: it is a symbol of the most intimate human nature, in its broad duality.

The day of St. Cyprian is celebrated on 2 October, with the last night of that month, on 31 October (for November 1, the longest night of the year) is celebrated the day of the dead, or Halloween. The 9 months of every year is a month of deep tradition in witchcraft.



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