The Astrology is part of the history of humanity, a legacy
of knowledge accumulated since the first man raised the
eyes to the sky and felt the front of their small universe. Phenomena
mysterious occurring over their heads. Astros moved and if
turns in the sky. With the Sun, came to light and heat. The Moon
meant darkness and mystery. Besides them, millions of small points
lights, some larger, others smaller, challenging their curiosity, which
wanted to go beyond their limitations. If the body could not travel to infinity,
the mind did.
The invention of optical instruments made this challenge even more
interesting. Men from all over the world, curious and obsessed
by this knowledge, turning its lens and its apparatus recéminventados
went to heaven and finding planets and satellites, realizing the
mechanical cycles of perfect and complete.
The Moon revolved around the Earth. The Earth revolved around the Sun The Sun
was part of a galaxy. The universe was composed of galaxies and the
challenge became increasingly intriguing and endless. The cosmic cycle called
attention. When the Earth revolves around the sun, projecting it against a backdrop
of constellations and galaxies. The sages realized that there was a
correspondence between what happened there and what happened here on Earth.
Every great leader had their oracles, and among them, a
astrologer. As held its forecast for the kings, based
in the study who were from heaven, were showing the match. When
information began to be exchanged between the astrologers
age, realized that there was a switch and a logic at all
that. They launched the foundation of knowledge and an Astrology
was always the most important of the Elements.
Four are the elements governing the signs: the Fire, Earth, the
Air and Water. At all times, these elements were studied and
interpreted in light of the most profound knowledge, as are
with a symbolism all its own, summarizing them in all
principles that constitute the nature and all states of matter,
representing a cycle.
This cycle leads the man, of matter, formed by land and by
water to an elevation in the air, through a purification performed
symbolically by fire. Moreover, purification of the elements is very
present in existing rituals around the world.
In earlier studies of Astrology has been linked to
elements to humans, defining the characteristics that each
adds elements to native sign governed by them.
The fire element regulates the human spirit and the new
ventures, the Water, Alma and religious influences, the Air,
it focuses the mind and philosophy, the earth, things of the body and
material life. These characteristics are developed over time,
make the following observations on how this knowledge can
help, so practical, people:
Carneiro, Leo and Sagittarius
Making of their native creatures full of vibrancy and enthusiasm, overflowing energy and vitality,
makes them capable of revolutionizing business, reforming or reshaping concepts, by imposing them
their natural sense of leadership and his charisma.
At the same time, means that these natives, the excess of energy and vitality, become
impatient, and at that time, make use of all resources at their disposal to achieve their
goals, no matter at what price.
For such natives, the element recommended to curb anxiety and have the ability to own
achieve all that they propose, without a shove or use shady means.
It is easy to understand the complexity of the relationship between the signs, looking up the elements that
governing. This explains why certain signs are compatible with others, or because it has sign aversion
one another.
A comprehensive example is the Earth and Water. These two elements, when together, create life.
The Fire, for example, there is without the presence of Ar Water and Air do not mix, but allow
productive associations, such as that produces rain.
Thus, analyzing the signs of people you can see how the relationships work, some
positively, others negatively.
Carneiro, Leo and Sagittarius are the three signs belonging to the fire element and is characterized by
vibration and enthusiasm. Its native people are fires, floods and heat energy, always appearing
as the center of attention or radiating light. Moreover, the element notes that the excess of brightness and
heat may consume completely, reducing to ashes, why this energy must be measured and
controlled. A certain detachment from reality might be common in native, moved by the spirit of
adventure, but capable of unexpected moments of honey and affection, since stimulated.
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
March 21 to April 20.
Ruling planet: Mars.
Angel Planetarium: Camael.
Element: Fire.
Temperament: angry
Personality: impulsive, reckless, sincere and passionate.
Symbolism: the first contact with the world.
Season: early spring.
Lucky day: Tuesday.
Strong local: field, mountain, sea, without isolation.
Favorable weather: cold.
Color: red.
Metal: iron.
Stone: jasper and shiny.
Plant: bramble.
Animal: wolf and rooster.
Lucky number: 8.
Perfume: lavender.
This sign marks the energy, the impetuosity and concern. In everything we do know their dose
energies with relative ease and find the path to success.
The influence of Mars represents energy, strength and combativeness, characteristic of the warrior and
always very active person who flees from everything that is dull or routine. The Sun adds the need for
be in evidence and shine more than all. It is individualistic, moved to enthusiasm. Venus is harmony and
physical beauty and the desire and excitement, that move the search for physical pleasure, no more
The main features are the courage, determination, decision, leadership and pioneering spirit,
while the sign gives the following negative characteristics against which has to fight:
individualism, selfishness, insensitivity, aggression, violence and impatience.
The Aryans are difficult to recognize. The glyph of the sign can often be seen in his face by
line of the eyebrows, arched and in general, adding to the line of the nose. His complexion is ruddy, and in general
if tan easily. Men tend to baldness, and in general when it occurs can
see that his skull is quite round. The Aryans have a floor tripping and past firm. His laugh is
nice and vibrant, they are good in sports clothes, especially sweaters red.
The Aryan vai ago than either and runs literally from the moment that arises. And if a
period, the better. Puts incredible goals for itself and goes in search of their completion, full of
energy and die of boredom when you do not have a challenge ahead. It is able to remove mountains, but is
issue of operating the excavator. Work with your employer, rarely for him. Indeed, the Aryan is
that spear, and with success, your own business, which then puts in the hands of competent assistants,
as vai the search for a location for a second subsidiary.
Lucky in speculative companies and their energy gives you the enthusiasm enough to bring their
projects with considerable speed in reverse. Need help from people of confidence, while its
dreams are in the initial phase. Lose interest and do not have patience if their projects do not show a success
Fortunately you have a sense of humor and talent for choosing the right words in a discussion
important. Otherwise, perhaps I could not handle the employees you need to put in
practical ideas. Insurance itself is able to blame your employees or fellow workers for their
own mistakes, but when his anger cool, you know how things again plane and everyone
just be with the same enthusiasm as before.
Their reactions to ideas fiery stimulants may lead him to make wrong judgments, not because it has
patient enough to check the necessary information that could clear it. Once
compromised, your ego makes it difficult to strong an error. But get out of failures with the same
optimism that USA to launch their winning projects.
Aries is a sign reckless, impetuous and stubborn, so impulsive in matters of love and marriage
as in everything else. It is passionate and at the same time, has a large dose of idealism. The forgiveness
sex is it a matter more of a sudden impulse than deliberate search. It is a positive type, which
if not harmonize well with a good companion. Tends to find someone weaker nature of the
who can impress with their male qualities and protect.
An Aryan is attracted by the beauty and the apparent weakness. Need a woman who is happy with
be always in the background and who admire their feats and abilities where he expects it of her.
Normally is a better sign for a man than for a woman. The woman of Aries is too
authoritarian and overly active at home. It is very capable and generous, but easily becomes lazy,
ill-humored and bossy when suffering from anxiety or grief.
The nature of Aries is very intense, capable of sudden violence and great jealousy. With certain
influences, especially of Mars or Uranus, you can easily develop a tendency sadistic. For you
itself, it is a sign too direct, simple and primitive to easily provide a perversion.
Always fight for leadership, whether in the case of man or the woman. Except when he's accepted
be controlled, there will always be friction in the marriage. Partly for this reason, the marriages are of Aries
often unhappy, but there are other factors that contribute to cause the lack of harmony and a
these factors is a tendency for sexual weakness, physical or mental, that there is sometimes in the humans
of Aries, or a woman of sexual indifference Aries. Another factor involved is the
propensity of man to Aries, and sometimes also of women, to deliver the adventure or love
promiscuous sex.
The reason behind these adventures is the fact these flatter the vanity of Aries. In humans, the
less, a further search of the ideal instinctive, so the common man, often a cause of
marital infidelity.
During childhood, often in the Aryan or win competitions or be the first in
everything we do. Throughout life and in adulthood, the winning feature is reflected in positive
in his career or the achievement of ambitions, being channeled to the progress or staff for good
being of the family. This is the best result of the Aryan need to be the first mainly in relation
the family, which are great defenders.
THE Deaneries
Deaneries 1 - 21 to 30 March:
Those born in this period has as main feature a slowdown in ambition, the same
time making them more sensitive and more diplomatic. In love, there is a tendency to be somewhat
melodramatic and confusing. A strong person next to you, however, easily solves this.
Usually people are courageous and willing to fight for what he thinks just, provided that stimulated
conveniently, since the slowdown of ambition makes them a bit of its daring nature. Sao
also the most innovative in terms of sex and love relationship, knowing act decisively
to conquer that someone has liked.
Often take control of the relationship, whereas for men it is essential,
while women still manage to live, if you are given some alternatives. Both in
however, show all the courage that is one of the most striking characteristics of this sign.
2 Deaneries - March 31 to April 9:
The characteristics of this sign are marked Deaneries, causing difficulties in
relationship with parents, especially, while sensuality is more instinctive and passionate
increasing his emotional instability and authoritarian and making them known. Hardly holds if
face obstacles, but are very central. A vanity them reaches the highest level and this can
make them an easy prey of people smarter and skilled, who can exploit this flaw.
It is the most determined and generous of all three, hardly giving a second chance to
someone. Are often driven by interest and use their skills to attract a high degree of
results. When you are not influenced by these negative characteristics, are the lovers
More surprising is the parents of more attached to their family.
3 Deaneries - 10 to 20 April:
The astrological influences that Deaneries give a better direction in the energy
Aryan, enhancing their sensuality, and at the same time, giving you a greater charisma and back
the feeling, without neglecting, however, the sexual aspect of their relationship.
With his strong features softened beneficially, the native is a figure that Deaneries
loving and kind.
Those born in Deaneries receive all the influences of Venus and reach the maximum of its
as potential lovers. Uranus, however, highlights the aggressive and pugnacious character, making it the most impulsive and
but the impatient. Not tolerate losing time in the conquest, but in the end love is patient, leaving
your company the doors of the seventh heaven. If betrayed or deceived, it is insensitive with whom you did it and
USA of all artifice at its disposal to make that change, he says, is deserved.
The nature of Aries is marked by energy, the impetuosity, the concern is the drought, all
well seasoned, knowing dosed its ends, which makes a person always fascinating. There is
the courage, the claw and sincerity.
This year will be particularly favored by the stars, requiring determination and persistence to
success. Using his talent and his power of initiative, all seasoned with a pinch of
kindness, the Aryan can make this an unforgettable year.
The Aryan should be particularly careful to not be involved in issues, the fruit
naivety. The pageantry, the exaggeration and hypocrisy, negative aspects of sign, may lead to
resounding failures. Above all, avoid obstinacy and attitudes of authoritarianism, is guided by its
natural balance and everything will come out well.
The tendency of the natives of this sign is throwing up the head in the heart of things, letting yourself go
more by emotion and instinct than by reason. When you realize that not succeeded in its
invested, react aggressively.
This makes them somewhat unfaithful in love, subject to sudden passions, as an Aryan was the
discoverer of love at first sight. This year, before acting impulsively in choosing a new love,
try to curb his impulses and choose the person who will be really looking to build it
a solid relationship. To do this you must open your heart and ask for advice.
If you already have an appointment, start to think about why so many disagreements and misunderstandings
occurred recently. If boredom is the bored, do not forget that you have a share of blame in
let things fall in the routine, because you are who has the power to move this relationship and make it boil
In the family try to not be as critical and will cooperate more, before listening to react impulsively,
as its characteristic. Keep in mind that the times are for trial and that this year will play
a very important role in the lives of everyone, especially those seeking balance and harmony
between reason and the heart.
Take, then, to make more friends and, most importantly this year, grow them and conserválos.
Through them, you can trim a few edges that annoy and discover how everything is easier
when they share the experiences.
If some feeling goes a headache lately, do a test to see how go
your eyes, your ears and your throat, especially, which are the organs governed by Aries. That
medical treatment you may have been postponing to be done.
During this year, especially during his Inferno Astral (20/02 to 20/03), particularly to avoid
engage in discussion or incited all sorts of excesses.
To maintain order, practice sports, to increase their resistance, but avoid being too
competitive, this may it be harmful.
To enhance its beauty, nothing like a good night's sleep.
If you perform a function of command in your profession, the year will be good to increase the
financial gain and even climb some more steps, since its competitiveness in the workplace is one of its
greatest virtues.
Caution, however, with the traps and the envy of colleagues envious. His dynamism and courage
annoy many.
To whom is defining a profession, know that Aries governs all professions where
personal initiative is required, such as sports, professions and work on the land.
If you have interest in the artistic career, you can make success relatively easy, if you do not leave
lead by bajulaçoes and frivolity, committing to the fund. As an actor, reporter or advertising will
always more chances, but his emotion may be very valuable to show all your talent
as an instrumentalist.
As a difficult year, do not rush into a decision. Let your ideas mature before
to put them into practice.
The natives of Aries is a genius and a very strong personality confident and proud. Moreover,
impatience is the one of its main problems. When you lose patience, can become
temperamental, exploding for any little thing.
This is mainly the color of the sign, which is red. To keep the natives of Aries
their nerves under control should avoid this color during the day since the night they shine with it. As
Completion of a board, a ring of iron, used in the little finger of the left hand, is a powerful
sink of energy furious.
The most serious cases can be solved with a strap of iron in the left wrist, made of
form which has two points, which should not be closed.
July 21 to August 22.
Ruling planet: Sun
Angel Planetarium: Miguel.
Element: Fire.
Temperaments: choleric.
Personality: entrepreneurial, ambitious and vain.
Symbolism: stage of maturity and of the assertion.
Season: Summer.
Lucky day: Sunday.
Strong local: Clear and sunny.
Climate: hot and dry and cold with humidity.
Color: yellow.
Metal: Gold.
Stone: ruby and sardonyx.
Plant: oak and citrus.
Animal: lion and eagle.
Lucky number: 1.
Perfume: sandalwood.
The people are unfair fires, the benevolent, generous, wise and creative and this raises the
always in evidence, because they love your show your charisma and charm, enhanced by their
positive. This can make them vain and selfish, always monopolized the spotlight, wherever
Not unusual is the way to be confused with arrogance and superiority, especially when
positions of command or leadership. Are always people who do, show strength, determination and
energy, which gives them the right to be somewhat satisfied.
His qualities include the self, the care and protection to home and family, creativity,
courage, generosity, magnetic personality and character and dominant imperative. Its defects are the
authoritarianism, the arrogance, the vanity, presumption and conviction. Generally has a mane of a lion
whatever their age or sex. Walk towards them, seem higher than they actually are.
Women have thin waist. Men and women have a physiognomy leonina, that with practice, it is easy
to recognize. It also has very large nose, regal, domineering. The leonine love jewelry, in general
true, not jewelry. His clothes are in fashion, charming and expensive. It has attracted to leather, but only
unfair kinder, who like animals, today prefer the real synthetic fur.
The magnetic and dynamic is unfair, not to stay out of positions where he can and will never appear
can work in places like. Is part of a group of people and ambitious and impressive
are found in front of the first rows of all.
Leadership is a characteristic of Leao. This, combined with an inexhaustible vitality, will
immersed in ambitious projects, long term, which will lead to the end, with absolute confidence. Not
not that this has the possibility to fail. Like cancer, you need frequent assurance that
is working on a remarkable and an admirer audience rarely missing this talented and professional
Although reluctant at times to take full responsibility if this is required, responds to such
authority that the idea of loss becomes almost meaningless. Indeed, the pride that you have to
same and their work may give the impression of arrogance, when they turn their attention to their creative
projects. Obviously, it does not work with others, he addressed the, and even the slightest change in their
plans can be taken as a criticism. But to make things and without much difficulty.
Energy physics is what he has so much.
Despite this vibrant approach to life, never missing the leonine dignity. Good taste is a
need for it, but good taste expensive. This is exactly the type of employment and work as a
Leao person usually ends up: exciting, dramatic, well-paid. He returned in services
they pay all the premiums received. This Sign believes in success from the moment they learn
walking. Once your goal oriented, have a spectacular success or die trying.
The Lion is a sign intensely loyal, generous and magnanimous, not very happy in general, in
marriage. This may be due to a misplaced affection, a love too impetuous and inadequate,
and a too implicit faith in human nature. However, usually there is a reason
deeper for it. Some peculiarity in the attitude of the native Leao damage, often the
marital happiness and, in most cases, will the issue of children involved. The native of Leao has
a deep love for children and often they are denied and then it is very common experience
due to them.
Like all signs of fire, the native of Leao is idealistic and tends to put those who love
a pedestal. This leads to disappointment and disillusionment, the bride and failed marriages
unfortunate. It has been noticed that the first native Deaneries are particularly unfortunate in the marriage and that
seems to occur also for other fixed signs, and probably also in the mutable signs. This
is, of course, a negative point about the marriage to natives of signs of Virgo and
In sexual matters, the native of Leao tends to adopt a protective role and likes to be very
seen and admired. His ways are often very manors, even sometimes to
being authoritarian. The native of Leo always likes to command and organize people.
Women of Leon are good organizers and excellent host, although a formal basis. A
reception organized by a person of Leao is usually well planned, but do not provide for amendments to
last minute. The extravaganza is one of its defects, because in some cases, the great generosity. In
other cases, the reason is native to show love and to be ostensible.
In life couple, the men of Leao are sometimes great seducers. Women, in turn,
try to be admired by anyone who the lisonjeie. The sign is not, indeed, a
inconstant and is capable of great fidelity and loyalty, since their deepest feelings
are awakened.
Adding all these indications, it seems that one of the main motivations of Leao is to make life a
little easier, more fun and rewarding because of their considerable effort and energy. They need
considered to be successful, according to their own discretion. When you think is not well
successful, they feel very unhappy.
THE Deaneries
Deaneries 1 - July 22 to August 2:
The unfair Deaneries is the first one to be divided between professional achievement and commitment to home and
family. This inner conflict makes much of its ability to focus on in their own career and
family, leaving it in the mid-term.
His natural ambition may be necessary to balance these relationships and allow it
perform professionally, without sacrificing their children, especially, who are its biggest boost.
This is unfair of Deaneries generous, lavish with money, and anxious to please and express
their power. The self that develops according to its position and the office makes a person
extremely warm and caring, and what can be called a prototype of a political success. To
reach that point, however, worked hard and put all their creativity into practice. Mandar prefers the
to be sent and even in bed will be difficult to find someone to lead it.
Deaneries 2 - 3 to August 12:
The positions of Venus, Mars and the Moon at the time of the birth of the native Deaneries, define
their direction in life. The first two are in it the power and charisma to show between
the common mortal. The moon, when a privileged position, enhance its commitment to children and family.
In all cases, however, the desire to be the best and make the most of your potential,
characteristics of the sign will be very strong, making it an excellent professional and a parent of family
This is unfair of Deaneries courageous, capable of acts of heroism at any time when it is
required. This characteristic makes it a very magnetic person, which attracts the sympathy and
aura of power and strength that gives around. Nevertheless, it is the most malleable of unfair, because people
of the opposite sex can guide you with ease, if they know who exploit their weaknesses, in fact,
are virtues to others. Take you know exercise is challenging, but exciting for the
women really creative.
3 Deaneries - 13 to 22 August:
Deaneries that the natural extroversion of Leao is ease and streamlined in a positive way, giving
their native intelligence and ambition to achieve both in the commercial area, as art, where his
sensitivity is evident.
In love and sex can be a bit undecided, but its natural shine and dazzle your
performance always praised.
The Deaneries is unfair that the strongest and which reaches the highest level of power, but also the
more arrogant. The sympathy that characterized the earlier tends to lose strength in Deaneries. That may make it
presumptuous and authoritative, while keeping all the characteristics of the first Deaneries. This makes it
odiada or loved one with the same intensity, depending on who is connected with it and
This relationship leads way because, after all, it is known to be condescending.
The luck may be the greatest ally of the unfair this year, as the exuberant aspects
this sign may not be very well interpreted. The use of personal power, without arrogance or
conviction, is the best way to deal with the native of this sign period. Of great importance
will be his dedication to philanthropy, which emphasizes its nobility and does raise the heat and protection of the native
sign radiates.
The other positive features, particularly the justice and wisdom, will be tested, but
anything that might threaten its stability, unless obscured by pride and vanity. Not a
years for large jumps, but to reap the fruits planted and this requires well planned actions, as a
flawed collection can make to lose the investment made in previous years.
Make each of your subordinates or less as a collaborator or a partner and have one years
of success, with nothing unexpected or unpleasant to disturb him. Control of the situation will always be
required and should not be neglecting it in no time, especially in the warmer months of
This year. the magnetism is in full evidence and the natives of this sign brilharao more than
ever, radiating light and energy as its conductor makes the whole planet Earth. Will have the opportunity to
choose the person who best fits your temperament, but should prevent cases of people with
Scorpio or Pisces, mainly in the first three months of the year.
Who is not compromised, do not need to rush because it will take time and options to choose if
expect the month of July, before deciding on someone.
Who is already committed will have a year to worry about the loved and the children, now the
have. If not, there are good chances that, especially from April. Look, however, dedicate themselves to a
little by yourself, especially in personal appearance, increasing your physical conditioning,
because this year you need throughout your life and all his tremendous magnetism.
Talk more with your family this year, sharing experiences and asking for advice, too
although this is a new attitude for you. Remember, this is a year of probation and all that
do now will reflect in the future.
You may lose some friends at the beginning of the year, if no longer by their tendency to take them snob.
All recognize their superiority, but you do not need to be reminding them that all the time,
especially friends of Aries, Scorpio and Pisces.
A saúde dos nativos deste signo está intimamente ligada a suas atividades e o ano lhe oferecerá a
oportunidade de nao parar ou deixar-se acomodar. A partir do início do ano já estarao envolvidos com
atividades ligadas a arte, política ou ensino, que lhe tomarao o tempo, mas podem deixá-los um tanto
ansiosos. Se controlarem essa ansiedade, a partir de Março estarao com a situaçao dominada e tudo estará
Possível problema de hipertensao, fígado ou diabetes, nos meses de Junho e Julho, durante o período
do seu inferno astral. Para evitar isso, fazer um exame completo em fins de Março ou começo de Abril.
O Sol, seu regente, sempre lhes fará bem, por isso deem um jeito de conciliar suas atividades do início
do ano com o lazer, principalmente a beira de praia, rio ou lago.
Para o final do ano, deem uma reforma no seu guarda-roupa e promovam algumas mudanças no seu
visual. Preparem-se para ser uma nova pessoa.
De voce já trabalha, espere mudanças importantes no início do ano, possivelmente com uma promoçao
ou um convite para gerenciar ou comandar uma filial ou até mesmo um concorrente. Caso nao esteja
trabalhando, prepare-se para fazer sua escolha entre Janeiro e Fevereiro, quando o seu valor estará em
evidencia. Se a oferta nao for interessante financeiramente, mas significar promoçao, aceite-a, pois nos
próximos anos voce colherá o que plantar agora.
Domine sua agressividade, principalmente ao lidar com pessoas Escorpiao e Peixes. Evite confronto
com colegas de trabalho e superiores.
Quanto a dinheiro, voce terá um ano de excelentes ganhos, mas vai precisar refrear sua natureza
generosa, pois pessoas mal intencionadas podem se aproveitar disso.
Se lidar com política neste ano, procure ser mais astuto ou procure a opiniao e os conselhos de outras
pessoas, principalmente de quem está no ramo há algum tempo e seja do signo de Sagitário e Capricórnio.
O orgulho, natural de Leao, dá aos nativos desse signo uma pose toda própria, que muitos podem
considerar como uma forma de menosprezar as outras pessoas. Isso pode parecer assim a primeira vista, pois
a simpatia e a franqueza desses nativos sao reconhecidas.
Uma tendencia ao exagero pode, porém, tornar isso muito acentuado nesses nativos, comprometendo
seus relacionamentos, pois isso afasta as pessoas e afasta-os do convívio com os outros.
Para controlar isso, evitar usar jóias com rubi durante o dia e apenas usar o perfume do signo a noite.
Antes de dormir, acender um incenso feito com sândalo e cravo. Se nao encontrar um com essa mistura,
acender um de cada.
22 de novembro a 21 de dezembro.
Planeta Regente: Júpiter.
Anjo Planetário: Zachiel.
Elemento: fogo.
Temperamento: colérico.
Personalidade: otimista, independente, rebelde e esbanjador.
Simbolismo: maturaçao e evoluçao espiritual.
Estaçao: fim do outono.
Dia de Sorte: quinta-feira.
Locais Favoráveis: espaços abertos e sombreados.
Clima Favorável: temperado e ventilado.
Cor: violeta.
Metal: estanho.
Pedra: safira e turquesa.
Planta: pessegueiro e figueira.
Animal: cavalo e pavao.
Número de Sorte: 3.
Perfume: jasmim.
O sagitariano adapta-se facilmente as situaçoes, guiado pelo seu entusiasmo e pela determinaçao em
perseguir seus objetivos. De natureza inquieta e agitada, encarna o verdadeiro espírito cigano, nômade e
independente. O futuro exerce um fascínio enorme em sua vida e vive uma constante inquietaçao, por desejar
participar de tudo que acontece, deixando sua marca ou ajudando a fazer ou provocar as mudanças. Isso o
torna um tanto vulnerável para lidar com as coisas do presente, por isso com freqüencia é surpreendido com
inesperados golpes do destino.
Desconhecem o significado da palavra inimigo, pois seu otimismo e sua jovialidade contagiam e lhe
granjeiam admiradores fiéis e entusiasmados. Suas virtudes principais sao o entusiasmo, a independencia, a
liberdade, o otimismo, a jovialidade, a sinceridade, a sabedoria e a franqueza. Seus aspectos negativos
passam pelo exagero, pela agitaçao, pela imprudencia, pela irresponsabilidade e pela hipocrisia. A
informalidade em geral é a chave para identificar os sagitarianos. Existe alguma coisa de eterno estudante na
maioria deles, que influencia sua imagem. Fisicamente seu corpo é robusto, sua figura em geral é bem
marcante, e quase sempre tem uma testa bem ampla, intelectual, e sobrancelhas retas. Os homens detestam
usar gravatas e, quando sao obrigados a faze-lo, tiram-na logo que podem. Com muita freqüencia usam barba,
esteja ou nao na moda. O entusiasmo vivo é característica marcante dos dois sexos, assim como uma
deliciosa simpatia paqueradora, e a vontade de conhecer gente nova.
Esta é uma alma independente, que dá muito pouca importância ao dinheiro em si. Prefere muito mais
seguir seus muitos interesses externos a manter um emprego de grande responsabilidade. Tem fé que a sorte
a ajudará no jogo da vida. Surpreendentemente, isto muitas vezes acontece. Esse trabalhador tem que estar
sempre ativo. Se lhe derem a chance de arranjar seus próprios horários, ele estará ocupado demais para dar
atençao ao relógio de ponto. Sabe trabalhar rapidamente por longos períodos de tempo, sempre que lhe deem
liberdade de ir e vir como bem entender. Só a idéia de um regime rígido das oito as cinco lhe dá arrepios.
Provavelmente terá qualificaçoes para trabalhar em mais de uma área no seu emprego. Na realidade, se
lhe derem, a oportunidade, será capaz de manter diversos projetos em marcha, todos ao mesmo tempo.
Freqüentemente realizará estes planos simultaneamente com sucesso. Finanças nunca parecem trazer-lhe
dificuldades, apesar de, as vezes, ser difícil compreender por que isso acontece. É otimista até demais e
insucessos somente conseguem que faça um esforço ainda maior até estar novamente na crista da onda.
É um líder. Sua vitalidade o ajuda a estar pronto quando as oportunidades se apresentam. Seu maior
problema é o desassossego que toma conta de sua personalidade periodicamente. Trabalha bem sob pressao,
mas pode ficar deprimido, se achar que foi empurrado contra a parede pelas circunstâncias. Entao o seu modo
de falar direto pode transformar-se em sarcasmo ou pode tornar-se fechado, sem querer comunicar-se.
Durante estes períodos, sua capacidade de atrair amigos consegue mante-lo numa boa luz.
Mais que com qualquer dos outros, é vital que o empregador de um sagitariano confie nele
implicitamente. Se ela tiver sorte bastante de encontrar um patrao que saiba apreciar sua contribuiçao e
cooperaçao, sem colocar-lhe restriçoes, valerá o seu peso em ouro.
Sagitário é um signo aberto, benevolente e com uma personalidade amigável e atraente. O nativo deste
signo tem, geralmente, inclinaçoes esportivas, apreciando os jogos e exercícios ao ar livre e sendo grande
amante da liberdade.
Nao se trata de um signo que induza grandemente ao casamento. Tanto os homens quanto as mulheres
do signo dao demasiado valor a sua liberdade para aceitarem qualquer tipo de restriçao ou limitaçao. Como
signo de caráter sexual, isto poderia conduzir ao amor livre a a unioes consumadas pelo casamento, mas o
sagitariano costuma ser demasiado ortodoxo e convencional. Excessivamente preocupado com o que as
outras pessoas dirao, o nativo de Sagitário nao se desvia muito do costume estabelecido.
O desejo de admiraçao torna os sagitarianos aptos a manterem numerosos flertes. Regra geral, contudo,
nao sao de grandes importância e nao interferem muito na vida matrimonial. Os nativos do signo sao, de um
modo geral, péssimos mentirosos, mas bons detetores de mentiras, adivinhando intuitivamente a verdade por
detrás de qualquer tentativa para enganá-los.
Como companheiros de casamento, sao mais amigáveis do que afetuosos, extremamente curiosos,
sempre com conselhos bem intencionados, mas maçantes. O signo possui uma boa dose de idealismo e de
entusiasmo, bem como uma forte mentalidade que, por vezes, conduz a escolha de um companheiro
matrimonial por aparentemente boas razoes que poderao provar nao ser tao boas quando pareciam.
O pior companheiro para um nativo de Sagitário talvez seja uma pessoa de idéias estreitas e restritas.
Um casamento desse tipo degenera sempre em sarcasmo, discussoes e uma infelicidade generalizada, que
leva, por vezes, a separaçao. Todavia, quando o sagitariano nao é demasiado amarrado e limitado, o
casamento costuma ser razoavelmente satisfatório, nao sendo caracterizado por extremos de qualquer tipo.
1° Decanato - 21 de novembro a 1 de dezembro:
Os nativos desse decanato possuem uma personalidade sempre fascinante e surpreendente, aliando
brilhantismo, inteligencia e cultura de modo harmônico e equilibrado. Isso nao as torna, porém, mais populares,
pois sao difíceis de serem compreendidas.
Quem se dispuser a ir fundo numa relaçao com esse nativo com certeza terá a melhor das surpresas,
quando compreende-lo inteiramente. Ambiçao e energia no trabalho se contrapoem a dedicaçao e a
sensualidade no amor.
Aprecia a liberdade, por isso nao pode se sentir preso. O sagitariano deste decanato é entusiasmado
com o que faz e com o próprio potencial, que aplica intensivamente no seu trabalho. Sua jovialidade é sempre
encantadora e ele espalha otimismo com sua atuaçao e com suas crenças, muitas delas nem sempre muito
bem compreendidas pelos signos mais conservadores. Sua confiabilidade vem muito mais de sua sinceridade
do que de sua capacidade de se expressar. Isso lhe dá um carisma todo especial e muitos amigos o procuram
como confidente, pois acreditam na sua maneira de orientar e aconselhar.
2° Decanato - 2 a 11 de dezembro:
O sagitariano desse decanato é um otimista por natureza, um individualista por temperamento e um
ambicioso por vocaçao. Embora possam ser um tanto introvertidos, freqüentemente chegam as raias da
genialidade quando se dedicam a estudos, principalmente nos campos místico e religioso.
Tende a ser muito sociável, muito embora nao consiga desvencilhar sua ambiçao de seus
relacionamentos, podendo usá-los para atingir seus objetivos.
Neste decanato está o sagitariano que encarna bem o princípio do signo, que é o da liberdade em busca
de um futuro distante. Nesse sentido, o sagitariano trabalha e age, preparando-se para o que vem pela frente
e, quase sempre, as adversidades o encontram preparado para elas. Gosta de viajar e é tao sincero quanto o
nativo do primeiro decanato, só que muito mais aberto e franco. Essa franqueza, as vezes, é mal interpretada,
mas ele nao costuma dourar a pílula, quanto o tratamento é doloroso.
3° Decanato - 12 a 21 de dezembro:
Nesse decanato o ambicioso sagitariano ganha um senso prático que lhe permite canalizar o que
poderia ser um defeito, transformando-o numa grande virtude.
No amor, pode se apresentar como uma figura imprevisível, ora fechada e misteriosa, ora jovial e
expansivo. Em qualquer desses momentos, será sempre fascinante e atraente.
As características do signo se encontram neste decanato com o seu máximo potencial. Isso torna o
sagitariano nascido neste período o mais excentrico de todos, muitas vezes mal compreendido e, por isso, o
mais agitado de todos. Para se defender, apela para a hipocrisia e nao raras vezes se torna irresponsável.
Se nao tiver alguém para orientá-lo e direcionar o potencial positivo das influencias que recebe,
sucumbirá sob o peso das influencias negativas, até que chegue o momento de sua regeneraçao, a partir dos
40 anos.
O nativo de Sagitário que soube esperar e perseverou em seus objetivos alcançará, com certeza, neste
ano, o sucesso e o reconhecimento esperados, ainda que lhe surja como uma promessa apenas. Neste ano
tao complicado, sua natureza adaptável e seu entusiasmo estarao em alta durante o período e mesmo os
objetivos que antes pareciam inatingíveis podem se colocar, agora, ao alcance de sua mao. Bastará saber
fazer a colheita.
Para isto, no entanto, precisará ponderar e agir com mais cautela, deixando a agitaçao e a inconstância
de lado. É um bom ano para consolidar associaçoes ou fincar raízes, acalmando por algum tempo seu espírito
nômade e independente.
Longe de se preocupar agora com o que está longe, preocupe-se em desfrutar das açoes passadas,
caso contrário toda a sua busca e todo o seu trabalho terao sido em vao. O ano nao perdoará desperdícios
nem sonhos distantes.
Enfrente o presente, sem buscar refúgio no passado nem escudar-se num futuro que possa ser mais
promissor ou vantajoso. O momento é agora. Sua franqueza e sinceridade serao fundamentais para esse novo
posicionamento, mas lide com isso com extrema cautela para nao frustrar ou magoar outras pessoas.
Razao e honra serao as palavras-chaves deste ano para esse nativo. A inquietaçao, a indecisao e a
contradiçao poderao atrapalhar todos os seus planos, se nao as puser sob controle.
Neste ano. O sagitariano poderá viver plenamente sua dualidade, exercitando sua natureza sensual e
passional, juntamente com a espiritual e a afetiva, num casamento perfeito entre instinto e seduçao. O mes de
Julho promete muitas emoçoes no amor, tanto para os comprometidos como para os que estao a espera da
O sagitariano só nao deve se tornar possessivo nem fazer cenas de ciúmes. Será um sinal de fraqueza
que poderá ser usado contra ele. Para isso, devem evitar se relacionar com pessoas volúveis.
O nativo que já for comprometido deverá ficar atento para alguns problemas que poderao surgir em fins
de Maio. Evite dar motivos para intrigas ou falatórios, porque nesse período estará particularmente vulnerável
a isso.
Na família, trate de se mostrar mais sociável, principalmente nas visitas ou quando receber parentes.
Seu ar emburrado e ofendido é facilmente percebido e pode despertar sentimentos negativos contra sua
pessoa, principalmente no período do seu inferno astral, quando estará particularmente desprotegido e poderá
ser atacado até traiçoeiramente. Pessoas de Touro e Câncer serao as mais melindradas com suas atitudes.
No final do ano seus amigos o procurarao com mais freqüencia para fazer confidencias e pedir
conselhos. Aliás, esse aspecto estará presente durante todo o ano, mas irá se ressaltar em Dezembro.
Sua compreensao sem limites faz de voce um confidente por natureza. Ajudar os outros somente lhe
fará bem, desde que nao queira atrair para si os problemas alheios.
Problemas de bexiga e de coluna poderao se manifestar a partir do mes de Abril, causados por excesso
de colesterol ou alimentaçao inadequada. Se voce sofre de diabetes ou de obesidade, tome um cuidado
especial neste mes, mantendo seus exames em dia e o seu regime sob controle.
Dores fora de hora em algumas regioes do corpo podem anunciar a possibilidade de um reumatismo,
mas nao terá maiores conseqüencias se voce se cuidar nos quatro primeiros meses do ano.
Sol e exercícios moderados serao o melhor remédio, pois fortalecem seu organismo e sua coluna. A
partir de Julho tudo se normaliza, mas voce deverá cuidar de seus dentes e unhas.
Se lhe der vontade, mude o penteado ou troque a armaçao do óculos, se usa um. Seu rosto pedirá uma
mudança, após o inverno. A primavera lhe fará bem e o resto do ano será sem maiores complicaçoes.
Voce que vem trabalhando duro para demonstrar seu valor, sobressaindo-se entre os demais, preparese
para receber as merecidas honrarias e a recompensa de sua dedicaçao. O ano será excelente sob esse
aspecto, se voce trabalha numa profissao que envolva contato direto com o público, habilidade, diplomacia e
Quem vem batalhando para entrar no ramo artístico terá suas melhores oportunidades a partir de Maio.
A riqueza e o sucesso virao de maneira tao rápida que surpreenderao. Prepare-se para muita agitaçao que vai
tirar-lhe a possibilidade de passar um ano monótono.
Um empresário ou alguém de Libra será quem lhe abrirá as portas para a fama ou para o sucesso numa
profissao. Saiba aproveitar a chance e nao se deixe enganar. O aspecto esotérico, que a fascina, estará em
Uma das características do signo do Sagitário é seu entusiasmo pela vida, coisa que o torna uma
pessoa com um bom relacionamento social e lhe garante muita popularidade.
Esse entusiasmo, no entanto, pode ser afetado por uma tendencia que o Sagitário tem de ser
inconstante em seus projetos. Se voce já percebeu que é assim e deseja reformular sua maneira de ser, faça o
seguinte ritual, uma vez por ano.
No mes de novembro, na primeira quinta-feira do mes, após as 21:00 horas, prepare uma defumaçao,
pondo brasas vivas numa vasilha de estanho, sobre um suporte de pedra, queimando especiarias e folhas de
pessegueiro. Deixe debaixo de sua cama, com a janela aberta, até cessar a fumaça. No dia seguinte, jogue o
que restou em água corrente. Repita anualmente.