Religion and Witchcraft.



Spirits have no way are just that .... spirits. And as is written in the holy scriptures, God is spirit, God is a spirit. Also it is written that angels are spirits and demons are spirits. Even the Goddesses Gods of polytheistic religions are just that same, or powerful spirits.

For precisely deals with witchcraft spirits, that is what witchcraft is.

What is witchcraft?

    Witchcraft is a powerful way to communicate with spirits and ancestors,
    ordering him certain acts that will alter the reality of things and that
    If nothing had been done, unchanged follow its natural course.

Witchcraft is a religion why?

A religion is a set of precepts or practices by which communicates with a god, celestial beings or deities.

Witchcraft is just a set of doctrines, in theosophy, a body of beliefs and practices that are professing, believing that it is possible for them to communicate with spiritual entities and thus cause a certain type of events.

Yes, witchcraft is a religion of foundation and necromantic spirit, (such as Kimbanda, Voodoo and other religions of African origin)

where it exerts a powerful communication and invoke ancestral spirits to act in the realm of the material world.

In spiritist doctrine, it is believed that there are people with a natural, innate ability to contact spirits. In Spiritualism, these people call themselves psychic, witchcraft these people call themselves witches and wizards.

For Christianity, these people have 'open body' or 'open safe'. Anyway, if you give the name you want, these are people with an innate ability to contact the spirit world, and the "gift" of being a receptacle for the incorporation of powerful spirits, which have the ability of being witches and wizards.

It is clear that having this ability does not mean that exercising the art of witchcraft, because it has to in-depth studies are needed on the matters of the spirit and magic. It is therefore necessary to study witchcraft in order to properly practice witchcraft.


What is witchcraft?

    Witchcraft is a set of practical and theoretical knowledge about magic, ie, on the invocation of spirits in order to create certain effects in the earthly world.

To use correctly and safely the ability to be a wizard, it is necessary to study witchcraft, or the wizard can fall into fatal errors to themselves or others.

Therefore it is said that no one makes witch, a witch born witch. But to be a warlock sorcerer, ie studying witchcraft, so you can exercise your spiritual ability with efficiency, safety and results.

Only if one believes in religion spiritualist in certain formal doctrinal principles and argues that one should only communicate with spirits, witchcraft goes up much further and it is believed that one can not only communicate with the spirits, but also ordering certain types of missions to the spirits and the spirits can meet these requests, thus causing certain desired effects in our physical reality.

The difference between these two visions spirit turns out to be clearly visible in the difference between the seer and sorcerer.

The seer sees the seer communicates and makes a 'bridge' between this world and the spirits.

The wizard works, the wizard contacts the spirits to change this world.

The witch, as the seer also communicates with spirits. But unlike the seer, the sorcerer is not just the act of communication with the spirit world.

The wizard does not communicate with spirits just to communicate, but if it does, is to order certain services that invoked the spirits, in order to alter reality according to certain objective.

This is why the big difference between 'see' and 'change'.

The seer merely see, and everything he sees on the past, present and future, you will quickly confirm that it's all true. But changing the seer does not change anything, because he only sees.

The goal is not to see the wizard, you change the direction of a certain reality or situation.

What does the wizard?

The wizard has an intimate relationship with certain spiritual forces, and is a receptacle or a physical residence for those same spiritual forces, with which he lives through the celebration of their religious worship and practice their mystique.

The wizard communicates with the spirits, and communicates asking him things, these things that happen because the spirits so will happen.

And with the wizard, you see that things change and change in your life, such as the promise to make spirits.

It's clear that witchcraft is not an organized religion, has no church, no Vatican has one, not a Mecca, or mosques, or sinangogas, no temples, no priests or bishops or popes or. There has finally, a hierarchical structure, nor is there as a formally constituted organization. In the temple of witchcraft every witch is every church there, every witch is his own priest, warlock and each works for himself because of his interests, but all are united by the same belief and the same reason to exist: the supernatural world the laws of the occult, and its intimate relationship with these realities.

Witchcraft is not so united and uniformed by any liturgy, nor a hierarchical organization, with no formal institution like this for example the Catholic Church, or the Evangelists, or the Baptists, or Jews, etc. .... Witchcraft is a religion united only by their ancient beliefs and knowledge that are common to all wizards and passing from generation to generation for thousands of years.

That was the reason why the Catholic Church for nearly five centuries of persecution of witches, failed to eliminate witchcraft as institutionalized eliminated other religious orders, as happened with the bloody extinction of the order of the Templars. Nor could the church be silent or destroy the religious cults of African Kimbanda or Vodou practiced by African slaves, despite the violent repression that moved them.

It is that one can not eliminate something that has no physical form, has no institutional clearance. Just one can kill one by one the priests of this religion, but you can not destroy a Vatican Vatican did not exist. And in witchcraft, there is no Vatican, there is not even a formal order established. And while there is a wizard alive, he will pass on their wisdom to a start there is always do survive the religion of witchcraft. This is what the church did not realize it was this that saved witchcraft. Witchcraft through the ages has always survived, because there is as physical, as there is no formal organization that can decapitate, it is only a religion in which its members are united only by wisdom and by their beliefs, and each is equal to his colleague of knowledge and art. There is no way to kill it by witchcraft, witches and continued throughout history until the present day, to be equally or even more sought after by people that priests.


If this religion has survived over time, it is also because it has a key feature:

works witchcraft, sorcery shows practical results and do it every day around the world.

Witchcraft does not take refuge in events that followed 2,000 years ago (or more), and that no one ever saw happen in reality, witchcraft is a living religion, witchcraft proves every day and every hour.

What other religion (except perhaps will of Spiritualism, Voodoo and Kimbanda), can boast of offering daily to achieve those looking for their priests, practical results, tangible and palpable that happen every day, over hundreds and hundreds of years? No other.

The fact is that witchcraft is a religion, like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Spiritualism, etc.. And every witch is a priest of that religion, who live in accordance with spiritual knowledge and beliefs of witchcraft, and practice their spiritual arts every day, in accordance with their faith.

As already noted, witchcraft is a religion of nature spirit, the one that survived centuries of persecution and murder, the one that survived hundreds of years of social prejudices, and yet continues to present practical results every day and all hours.

It is perhaps the only religion that everyone attend, sometimes clear and sometimes ace ace hidden because despite all the prejudice that there are about witchcraft, she is the only religion which responds with clarity and efficiency to the practical problems of the people.

Witchcraft is not limited to offering spiritual and theoretical solutions to people, witchcraft offers practical solutions and tangible results that you see. And that's what people want, and that is what gives witchcraft. So it has always existed and it always will be.

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