If you dreamed then

ABACATE - See avocados in the mountains: love without hope. Eat them: joy and happiness. Mature: Prosperity. Greens: setbacks. Luck: camel.
ABACAXI - Encounter of love. Luck: tiger.
ABANDONING - Abandonment is always a sign of life change. Abandon something or someone: desire to change. Being abandoned: prosperity. Abandon addiction: reconciliations. Luck: ostrich.
ABDÔMEN - Pain in the abdomen: conquest of money. Married person dreaming with abdomen: unhappiness in love. Luck. ostrich.
BEE - It is a sign of prosperity. Be stung by a bee: watch out for the envy of colleagues. See them: profits. If a woman dreams of being bitten on the face may indicate, pregnancy. Luck: butterfly.
ABISMO - See you: you have powerful opponents. Leave one: love recovered with difficulties. Fall: careful, serious obstacles. The dream with, abyss is always afraid of something. Luck: bull.
PUMPKIN - Next Inheritance. Profits, unexpected. Luck: pig.
ABORTION - Being annoyed by enemies: financial difficulties. Relatives who annoy: love unhappiness. To annoy someone: a considerable fortune. Luck: pig.
ABORTION - Warning of slips in life. Insecurity in the plans and danger of committing serious faults. Luck: cow.
HUGGING - Embracing a stranger: news. Parents: domestic peace. Husband or wife: watch out for disagreements. Friend: intrigues. Luck: bear.
APRIL - 1st of April: trip. Old tapestry: loss of loved one. Tapear relatives: good times ahead. Luck: cow.
OPEN - Open doors and windows: chance to get rich. Open something: love novelty. Luck: eagle.
ACÁCIA - See them: indicates success. To feel her perfume: somebody's secret maneuvering. Luck: rabbit.
ACARICIAR - A child: innocent pleasures. Young person: sensuality. Old person: comfort. Luck: cat.
CAMPING - Being in a: luck in the home. Camping friends: good results in business. Luck: lion.
ACENDER - Generally the act of lighting something in a dream has connection with success and abundance. If the dream is fraught with evil, it means insecurity. Luck: lion.
FIND - If it's something valuable it means obstacles in business; otherwise it is important change. Luck: deer.
ACCIDENT - With yourself: the inheritance. With others: annoyances. If you escape unharmed: you will overcome obstacles. Luck. elephant.
ACID - May be the target of gossip and intrigue. Luck: snake.
STEEL - If he is brilliant: success. Hold it: security in your social position. Break it: victory in your endeavors. Luck: bear.
COUNSELING - Receiving advice: beware of false friendships. Give advice: friendship of many people. Luck. Bunny.
AÇOUGUE Good omens. it is only a sign of disappointment if the butcher shop is empty, without meat or people. Luck: cow.
SUGAR - You are safe in your decisions. Luck: dog.
Accusation - Accusing someone is always a sign that we want to transfer responsibilities. Be accused: intrigues. Luck: camel.
WORSHIP - To God: peace of mind. Worship a woman (man): foolishness for which he will be punished. Anyone else: watch out for the financial part. Luck: cow.
ADULTERY - Pleasures of short duration. To witness an: affront that you will receive. Practice it: violent passion. Luck: deer.
ATTORNEY - This dream is always related to current and future problems. Luck: cat.
AFFILIATED - Marriage close to brother or son. Luck: lion.
DROWNING - See drowned person: joy, triumph. Drown: small losses. Luck: alligator.
AGONIA - If it is its own: good health and longevity. See dying woman: pregnancy or near birth. See another person's agony: a relative thinks of you. Luck: camel.
AGGRESSION - It will win process or be avenged (o) of injustice suffered. Luck: eagle.
AGRICULTURE - Being a farmer: prosperity. Another person as a farmer: success that will come from the effort at work. Luck: cat.
WATER - It is the symbol of life. When clear and clean indicates success and prosperity. Dirty and muddy water: difficulties you will have to overcome. Water flooding house: change of domicile. Drink Water: You can have many victories over enemies. Luck: alligator or ostrich.
EAGLE - Flying: realized hopes. This dream is always a joy to be careful in making decisions. Luck: bet on the eagle and also on the snake.
NEEDLE - If it is sewing: someone can hurt your self esteem. Of knitting: gossip and intrigue. Threading the needle: accomplishment of marriage. Luck: snake.
Kneeling: Before a man: affront. Of a woman: love failure. See people kneeling: they may speak ill of you. Luck: alligator.
ALCOHOL - Inner disgust and annoyances. Luck: turkey.
ALARM - Listen to alarm: change of life. Give alarm: accelerate your plans in the professionals. Fire alarm: bad news. Luck: rooster.
JOY - Passing tranquility, if it is moderate joy. Excess of joy: bad news. Luck: horse.
CLAIMED - Someone crippled; great disappointment. You be crippled: business difficulties.

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