BRUSSE, Sorcery, Magic

The term Witchcraft regards supernatural and spiritual faculties of a person who usually helps the practice of magic rituals produce certain effects on the reality of this world we inhabit, this changing reality.

The purpose of these magic rituals is why interfere, or in the physical world or in people who exist.

When the rituals performed to interfere in the physical world we inhabit, there is some cause-effect that under the laws of nature would not normally happen, and are therefore "on natural.

When performed the rituals for intereferir with people, then it causes effects on the mental, physical or that person, or even changes to the perception that the person is from reality.

A Wizard is not a warlock, but that confusion is common.


What is a witch?

A sorcerer is someone who comes with some supernatural spiritual capacity, and then the USA faculty in ritual magic.


What is a Wizard?

A sorcerer is a person who practices common spells. That anyone can do it without having any capacity for spiritual or more evolved a profound link with forces or entities from the other side.

Best explained:

A witch is someone whose spirit is combined with the powerful supernatural spiritual forces, which gives it abilities paranormal, since through the existing alliance, the spirit of the witch is a supernatural spirit.

A witch is a common person with a common spirit, who studied esoteric subjects, which has acquired knowledge of magic and the practices through the implementation of spells.

A practicing witch rituals of witchcraft.

A witch practices witchcraft.

While the purpose of both practices are common bass tab, (read: change the reality or influence people), the origin of these two types of work is totally different, and that two things stand out:

1 - a witch is always more powerful than a witch
2 - a ritual of witchcraft is always more devastating than a sorcery.
Therefore it is said that witches practicing witchcraft, while the witches practicing witchcraft.

However, both witchcraft and sorcery are the aspect of what is called magic.

The magic consists in the use of forces or entities that are not of this physical world, (are the spiritual world), to interfere in the physical world.

Everyone who practice the arts of magic is a Wizard or a Maga.


There are 5 types of practitioners of magic, and they are:

1-The Witches
2-The witches
3-The Magi
4-The priests
5 - The Prophets or Psychic


Magas that there are witches, and magas are witches, since both work with the magic, though both have, (as has already been described), natures and essences substantially different and distinct.

But both witches as witches, since working with magic, are magas.

There is also the wizards that are people who engage in deep studies of esotericism, with the aim of achieving high wisdom on the celestial spheres and how this knowledge can also affect our physical world. These are another type of sorcerers, wise men are in the old tradition of alchemists, astrologers, theologians and philosophers mystics.

There is also the priests, which related to religious, are dedicated to invoking the gods or God through prayers and liturgical procedures. The liturgical procedures, (eg the Masses celebrated by priests), are a form of magic performed with the purpose of invoking spirits or celestial forces, (in the case of priests, they invoke the spirit of God and His heavenly forces of light ) for those determined to help the faithful worship. The priests also are dedicated to the study of sacred teachings and the scriptures of the religion that shares, and generally work towards the improvement or spiritual salvation, is of his own soul is the soul of the devout priests who lead with their priestly function .

Finally there are the Prophets or the Psychic, and that these are people with a special link with the spiritual world, are generally people who have the ability to communicate with spirits, visions and receive their messages, (which may be received from various forms : visions, dreams, apparitions, etc), which are prints and therefore of extreme importance for the future. These are usually for indications about the future that were followed, can lead to good roads, or that have been ignored, can lead to bad roads, these are sometimes also for information on matters unknown and that brings the light truth that were hidden.

These are the 5 forms of practice and experience the world of Magic.


As it is the magic:

- As already described, the magic is the use of spiritual forces to affect the physical world.

The allocation of the physical world by the spiritual world, can be achieved through white magic or black magic.

Normally it is said that the magic is white if it is done for good, or black if held for negative.

This is another wrong idea.

The magic, or how to affect the physical world by forces or agencies of the spirit world, is actually:

1 - White to call the interference of spiritual forces of light

2 - or call it the black spiritual forces of darkness.

However, the appeal to spiritual forces of darkness can be used for positive things, such as the exorcism to expel the evil from the body of a person.

Rather, the appeal to spiritual forces of light can be used for negative things, such as revenge or take a curse to a person.