Oracle is a response given by a god or spirit to a question put to it. The response of an oracle result in revelations about what will happen so that an end is reached, and this gives it the name of prophecy. A religion is a set of principles or practices, through which it communicates with a god, gods or celestial beings. The astrology is a means of producing oracles. According to religion sibylline and under the spell and Jewish traditions, the astrology is a process of astromancia, ie a way to view celestial bodies in the manifestation of spiritual entities or celestial forces.

Occultism (or cabala):
Belief in the existence of occult and supernatural realities, methods well known and capable of handling such situations. The arts and occultism noblest are: magic, divination, astrology, spiritualism. The occult is a large body of esoteric knowledge, which are beyond the scope of what is visible, (in our physical world empirically cognizable), and seeking to reveal the secrets of the invisible or spiritual world.

belief in the possibility of communication with the divine, the spiritual world, or a deity. The mysticism gives priority to a kind of hidden and esoteric knowledge, inaccessible to the revelations that ensures rational knowledge about the world invisible, spiritual or supernatural

Etymologically comes from the Greek word 'Mageía' which means' religion of the Magi 'Religion and esoteric mystic who professes a belief in spirits and supernatural forces, as well as the possibility of contact with these entities or powers; Learn secret, consists of a set knowledge, occult rites and formulas which are intended to act on the natural world, it produces results contrary to its laws. The most famous, powerful and feared form of magic, black magic is by means of which calls for the intervention of demons or spirits earth to cause the production of certain events in this world.

system and religion of the Magi

Former priest religion in Persia, practitioner of magic.

Spiritual doctrine hidden and secret, only passed on to start or disciples of a religious cult.

Christian doctrine born between Sec I and III AD that supports the spiritual evolution through wisdom or 'Gnosis'. The 'Gnosis' is one secret to know under which you can extract the scriptures revealing hidden truths about the divine and divinity. The Gnostic doctrine, is the mystical aspect of Christianity.

Jewish esoteric science, consists of a set of methods and knowledge by means of which you can draw from the sacred texts messages or knowledge that they are concealing closed and only accessible to insiders who hold this esoteric science. The doctrine Kabalística, is the mystical aspect of Judaism.

philosophical study of God, based on analysis of the scriptures, or the religious knowledge of a certain system.

doctrine which professes not only the philosophical and theoretical knowledge of divine things, as aa practical application of the rules of the spiritual world to the divine world ground, in order to produce certain purposes. Strand teosófica more conceived of Judaism is the Kabalah, and the best known teosófica aspect of Christianity is' Gnosticism '

effect or which can not be explained by logic nor by the logic of the natural world; event attributed to supernatural action resulting from an bruxedo; bruxedos act to employ to achieve a certain purpose; charm produced by a sorcerer (a)

act of using spells to achieve a certain end; witchcraft witches coming from (the)

Working of Magic:
Spiritual service provided in return for a payment, which is the production of a spell or a magic. The spiritual work is to cause certain effects on the natural world, which otherwise, without the intervention of the authorities relied on spiritual, not done. A work of magic results in the production of a series of events and events that are favorable opportunities for those who commissioned the work, (if positive and properly enjoy these favorable circumstances), can achieve their desires. The work of magic, is therefore to provide opportunities where they did not exist before, to open doors that were previously closed, the release paths to the wishes of the person ordering.

that (a), which is witchcraft, a practitioner of occult intimate connections with the spirits of darkness. The feeling is that the sorcerer (a) or born magician by a curse, or become sorcerer through a pact made with spiritual entities. It is believed that the pact with the spiritual forces is usually confirmed by blood and sealed by an act of sex an angel of darkness. It is believed that the soul of the sorcerer (a), is favored by the pact that favors the spirit of witchcraft, thereby acquiring a supernatural power which differs from person to person, the power that is called one of the gifts of darkness 'arising out of the power of darkness. It is believed however, that by that pact the soul of the magician is also set to metamorphose into a spirit of witchcraft for eternity.

that (a) who know the esoteric arts of spells, the place. A wizard (a) is only a person possessing knowledge of esoteric and mystical, is not to be a magician (a), does it have to have a pact with spiritual entities.

sorcery or witchcraft made by enchantment to influence a given issue, with the intention of providing a specific purpose or goal.

process maleficiar someone, (cause it badly), by a charm

apelatório mystic process of spiritual forces or invocatory

act or effect of curse someone or something through strong oath, favoring the subject of the curse in its existence or purpose. Normally, the Curse, unlike the plague, this coupled with a mystic conscious and voluntary, made to cause harm.

act or fact to bless someone or something through strong oath, encouraging the subject of the blessing in its existence or its purpose.

Act to ask for something with strong strongly, for or against someone.

ding an act of evil to someone. Usually the plague, unlike the curse, not associated with a methodological process and intentional, but rather an act of involuntary wrong to wish that just giving a wrong.

mystic process through which casts a curse for the life of a person in order to unite it to another. A mooring, spirits or spirits of dead land are invited to enter the person attached, changing the course of her life through a series of events that unite the path of her life with the person who has the curse of mooring. The mooring, or joining the lives of two people provided by invocatory spells or curses the life of the person attached so that it will never be happy next to another. Thus, come together for ever the way of life tied.

act of predicting the future through divine inspiration or spiritual. The magic Hebrew is a methodology based on mystical prophetic, or calls to the divine world to interfere in the ground, and the act in the spirit prophet by saying what your mouth will make it happen, because the application it made.

act of predicting the future through the inspiration of a god or goddess.

Evil eye or broken:
involuntary act of generating a broken person affected with other strong negative feelings or jealousy, the broken generates weakness, weakness, lack of strength, discouragement, disappointment, sadness. As a result, interrupts plans, creates obstacles and beat the person in all levels, dominating it by negativity and adversity.

effect of the evil eye or the act of broken.

set of obstacles, misfortunes, setbacks, setbacks, which unsettle the life of a person, family or institution, causing successive disorders, blocking roads and closing doors. While the broken is usually the result of a poorly transmitted unintentionally by people envious, resentful and ill-intentioned, the result of a malfunction usually curse produced using witchcraft of witchcraft or sorcery. The malfunction tends to remain in a strong life of the victim 'jinx'



Infestation occurs when very negative spiritual forces were launched through a curse against someone or some place as a home, a home, etc.. The infection takes care of a person or a place. When infested by negative spirits, the infected person (or that is in contact with a place that was infested), starts to act contrary to their interests, thereby creating chaos and ruin to all levels of your own life . Together, all that is bad tends to approach the person, as the person irresistibly attract all that is negative to join them. When an infestation is a person strongly entrails, negative events begin to occur unexpectedly and follow up time after time, without stopping. After a while, the person is not aware of how to fell such a course of disaster.

Sequential, continuous and devastating misfortune that accompanies a person, family or institution.

signals that do foretell or predict the success or failure of someone or something.