The "Backrests"


Backboard is the term used in the spiritual medium for a worldly spirit that approaches a person naturally or is sending through work to suck energy in someone's life, so that it will cause traumas and emotional unrest. Evidence of the existence of restraints in human life is present in the sacred writings of many religions, as well as in the accounts of people who have had supernatural experiences. However, these spiritual beings have several nomenclatures, varying from each religion.
When these evil spirits are sent by someone in order to act in the life of a person, it is necessary a spiritual work so that the spirit accepts to torment or ruin the life of somebody, in this case there is a payment to the spirits through offerings, sacrifices or even personal servitude. The backs act from loopholes that people have in their lives as: weaknesses, emotional wounds, traumas, addictions, fears, etc. Infiltrates through these habits or attitudes or feelings in order to reach the domain. Another situation of backsliding in the life of an individual is when this spirit was attracted by the profane, malicious or malignant attitudes of the person himself. When a backstop encounters a malicious individual, filled with hatred and rancor, or yet emotionally weakened, this demon feels very cozy to remain attached to this person, influencing it according to their desires and needs.
In both cases, the spirit literally takes over a life, enjoying its energies and influencing its feelings and temperament, as well as causing blockages and traumas. The back (evil spirit) lives like a parasite sucking the vital energies, be they of noxious or amena.
The backrests cause great instability in one's life. There are many people who do not understand or wonder why so many negative and consecutive events in their life. One of the main consequences of backsliding in someone's life is: financial instability, emotional unrest, love failure, family disagreements, professional blockades, etc. Indeed, many problems are related to the influences of these "spiritual beings," but a thorough evaluation is necessary to ascertain whether this is the cause of so many wrongdoings. However, we can not mystify life exaggeratedly, nor everything that happens in the flesh world is the fault of the spiritual, a problematic life can be directly linked to the very decisions and directions that an individual chooses during his life, in this case a change is necessary of posture and character. The spirits for the purpose of "backslides" seize the lives of these people, because they find a beautiful source of food for themselves, benefiting in an action of vampirism, sucking as much time as possible and invisibly the energies of a the individual. He will suck in whatever threatens control of his control and disrupts his influence: self-esteem, mood, emotional independence, personal desires and goals, as well as the energy that moves his feelings, thoughts, and emotions. He lives like a parasite lodged in his soul, sucking up the good energies, gradually taking away his vitality and self-control.

When an individual is thirsting for a back-up, making mistakes through these influences, the spirit strengthens and quenches the thirst and the spiritual desires that perpetuate it. That is, the bad vibrations that this demon causes in one's life will cause a person to act and behave unconditionally with his personality by changing his habitual routine in order to satisfy it. For example: It takes someone who drinks socially to alcoholism or someone who smokes to smoking, it brings to the individual an emotional irrationality like to attack people, to steal, exaggerated fights, extreme impatience, bipolarity, etc. .
The backrest, besides acting psychologically and spiritually, can also act on the physical plane causing sudden pain in the body, weakness, drowsiness, constant fatigue or diseases inexplicable from a medical point of view.
The back sucks what the individual has the best, dominates the talents and qualities of a person and feeds on energies or attitudes of the individual as drinks, drugs, thoughts of depression and mischief, envy, anger, sadness. These backrests seek the pleasure in mastery, in the fulfillment and satisfaction of their carnal desires using a person as a puppet.
When an evil spirit is sent by someone else for the purpose of harming a person, in this case for revenge or envy, the spirit will delight in the failure and torment of the spellbound, laughing, enjoying the moments of suffering and manipulating situations, until his personal pride and self-esteem. However, if it is naturally attracted by at

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