Is your home no longer a comforting place? Can not sleep right, and can not find real quiet anywhere? Do you feel guilty about things that happened a long time ago and can not break free?
We are not always guilty of some evils that happen to us, not always our choices are villains as they say a lot. Free pursuit exists and is much stronger than people imagine. I am not only talking about spiritual oppressors here, but I am also talking about the harmful energies that drive you and your family, and you do not even realize it.
It may be a spirit that stays in your house feeling like you own it, or someone in the flesh that you disagreed and the person took hatred of you or one of your relatives. When someone hates you, creates a negative connection with you, constantly sends negative energies towards you, that causes unexplained events, unexplained illnesses, misfortunes that persist.
Pay attention to some very typical signs of homes that suffer with this type of obsession, but do not worry, if it is your case, there is how to fight and get rid of this evil forever.
1 - There is always someone sick at home
There is no slack in your family when you are not the other. Infections and inflammations, accidents, medicine expenses, hospitals and laboratories are all part of your routine.
2 - Constant fights and disagreements
Sometimes it gives the impression that no one agrees with anything, they argue, they face for days, weeks or even months. Make up until the next discussion, and start again.
3 - Lack of financial prosperity
In your home you are a masterful balancing act, the budget never closes and the accounts do not give you time off. If you can earn more in a month, an extra expense appears. Going out, buying clothes and shoes, traveling are not part of your plans already have some time. No one can get ideas to get out of the heat.
4 - Addictions
What comes to mind when we talk about addictions is always drugs or alcoholism, but there are some that are as harmful as these: exaggerated complaints and victimization, compulsion for food, exaggerated compulsion for cleanliness, gossip and slander, sadness and hatred, to mull over the past as if there were no future, fear, hypochondria, and like taunts and quarrels.
Sadness and victimism are addictive behaviors and in these cases the addict does not realize that he is a negative person. The fault for the problems and their sadness is of any one or any circumstance, except him.
Fear often becomes a friend, the person clings to him and thinks that if he lets go, something bad will happen, so he turns away from many things and believes that it will bring him protection.
In the case of binge eating, the addict uses it as a remedy for their pain or apathy. Not always the person who has this compulsion is overweight, and in some cases the person has impaired taste, does not feel the real taste of food. You can not enjoy the pleasure of eating, eat a lot and eat fast.
All these addictions are as difficult to treat as alcoholism and drug addiction, apart from the removal of obsessions requires specialized treatment Babalorixá.
 - Ineffective and Negative Thoughts
adulterers practice of conjugal infidelity obsessors Kiumbas, It is as if someone puts firewood in their internal fire, or in the internal fire of someone in their family. These thoughts cause fear, paranoia, discomfort and discomfort, as well as tiredness. These thoughts come suddenly without a control or filter, they seem to come from within, but in reality comes from outside. The person begins to become paranoid, thinks that no one likes her, speak badly behind her back, obsessors like to cause it in their victims.
Many people go through this process, few can see, many are allowed to contaminate as the family ends up becoming toxic.

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