This job of sexual mooring consists in making the person you want, feeling a lot of physical attraction and a lot of horny just for you. The accomplishments of this work which is made in the foundations of the Orixás Oxumarê and Ewá are very surprising with regard to the sexual desire that the person will begin to feel for you. The person will be bewitched in such a way that he will surely want to make love to you every time he looks at his face. Always remembering that, this work is of sexual lashing and therefore will work only for sexual matters without involving feelings. The person who orders to do this work will never be able to mistreat or kill snakes, otherwise this magic will never work for that person again. It is a job indicated for those who only want sexual encounters and, in this case, without compromises or feelings. But the spellbound person will feel so strong by the person in charge of the job that a caller will stay and always want to work with the principal. To do this job of sexual mooring, we charge R $ 20,000.00 (Twenty thousand Reais) in view, already included all the materials needed to do this work. Just like all the work we do here, this one also has its guarantees in a document registered at the notary office or your money back. This guarantee document will be available on your exclusive page that will be created here on the site for you to follow up on your work here with us through photos, audios and videos of your spiritual work. Once you have confirmed your deposit in one of our accounts that will be sent to your email, we will send you the Login and Password to access your exclusive page here on this site.

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