homosexual amorous moorings

We perform a powerful work of Loving Bonding for homo affective couples. It is a ritual that has great specific effects for the union of homosexual couples. This work of loving mooring is performed in a reserved environment, an isolated place is necessary because of the complexity of spiritual work. The Homosexual Tie requires very specific matters as well as a great effort at night, because the rituals for this love work are long and continue to enter the dawn, since we can not perform them during the day. Soon after some rituals of initiation at the altar, we continue to the forest where some complementary rituals will be realized, for the finalization of the work of mooring.
In this work, we invoke an entity that acts specifically in the union of couples of the same sex. This work is intense and exhausting, in addition it is necessary to offer on-site, where after the ritual are offered the entities in the place itself, this because, the entity only accepts the love work through the offerings. This work has excellent results, but there are requirements for this work, it is extremely important that both parties involved have had sexual contact, have the same sexual orientation or have had some love experience, otherwise it will be impracticable to perform this work . The entity will work in a gradual way, but the results over time are very intense. Rather, we need to conduct a spiritual consultation with the entity to see if it accepts the mooring.
Please DO NOT INSIST WHEN A MOORING IS REFUSED BY THE ENTITIES! After the consultation, analyze well if this is what you truly want, as a tie uni the life of two people through an entity. A mooring carried out in a vengeful, possessive or hateful way may have consequences for those who have requested it. The bonding of love must take place when one truly loves someone, it is a very serious spiritual process involving very powerful entities.
Value of this work: R $ 20,000.00
Duration of effects: Undetermined
Method of accomplishment: Voodoo magic
Will I Have a Spiritual Link? : None

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