Goetia Magic The correct pronunciation in Portuguese for the word Goétia is "Gocetia

Pact of Wealth, Marriage Work, Prosperity,
Opening Paths and for all purposes.

Goetia (= Evoke) is a practice that includes the invocation, evocation and avocation of demons. Based on the Judeo-Christian tradition in which the king of Israel, Solomon had been favored by the angels with a system that gave him power and control over the major demons of the earth and all the minor spirits ruled by them, Goetia also gave the king and his disciples, all sorts of supernatural powers, such as invisibility, superhuman wisdom, and visions of the past and the future. The Gotic art is taught in the first part of Solomon's Clavicles, in which all 72 Infernal Spirits and their seals are described, the main materials used in the evocation and the conjurations to call the spirit. The first thing that the magician does in Goécia is to expolorar, to choose with what spirit will work. From this moment the success or otherwise of the evocation will depend. The second part uses the tools used, as well as the optional accessories that will mostly bring greater efficiency to the rite. Then the preparations for the evocation begin, which will not be in any way interrupted or witnessed by anyone other than the Magician, since dangerous portals are opened and if interrupted in some way can run the risk of releasing unnecessary energies and will have to start over all over again. Before initiating the evocation, the Magician must perform a banning ritual in the Hall of Magic Gocecia, with each evocation will be used stamps of the Daemons for its admonition, it is at this stage that will be achieved and ordered the strength of the Daemons who will do what the Magician require. The Magician must become mentally and emotionally with the Goethean ritual and can NEVER drop his Spiritual Authority. The Conjurations must be made until the presence of the invoked spirit is felt, this can be noticed by a visual sensation of the place being filled with fog, sudden temperature drop, sensation of tingling in the body, etc ... With the arrival of the spirit to the orders can then be given to them. The orders to the spirit must be clear, and some restrictions must be imposed as a deadline for your requests to be fulfilled or have it not hurt friends and family. Today many of these professionals arrogate the lecturers of Magic Goetia, in fact there is no Magician who can be a keeper of Goetia, this was only King Solomon. There are few magicians who have dedicated themselves to the art of Daemons' evocation, achieving success in lovemaking, financial works, wealth pacts, power, everything that can be received or favored by someone from Goetia. Many, however, do not even know what an evocation is, or even know the difference between summoning, invoking or evoking, and singing to the four corners to be the masters of this wonderful Magic. Goetia is perfect, there is no purer and more powerful Magic, in Goetia the results are guaranteed, provided that the Magician has the competence and authority to do so. I do not claim the title of Owner or Precursor of Magic Gocea, but rather a loyal and competent follower with spiritual authority to execute this form of magic with competence and extremely positive results. There is no way to lose in Goétia just to win. There are 72 Daemons of immeasurable strength, nothing, nothing compares to Goécia.magia Goécia invokes incredible supernatural powers, ridding you of any embarrassing situation, you move away undesirable and dangerous people. It is not advisable for laymen to attempt to invoke the Daemons without the proper knowledge that only experienced magicians possess, such as attempting to perform magic rituals, as this is only for the Magician who possesses the Mastery in magic and authority for such.

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Value of this work: R $ 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand reais).
Duration of effects: Definitive.
Method of realization: Demons.
Will I Have a Spiritual Link? : Yes.
For all these reasons, the Goécia Ritual is linked by curious or unknown, this may end up causing haunts, suicide, possessions and curses that may fall, terrorize and molest with the biggest annoyances all those who try to deal in this kind of works of black magic without knowing what they are doing!

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