blood diabo

Greed is the unbridled ambition, the eagerness to earn anything at any cost, a negative human feeling that is characterized by the will to own only for oneself all that exists. To satisfy it, there are people who do not hesitate to take any kind of measure, attitude or behavior, as long as it brings them money, lots of money, and with it the power and influence that only wealthy people know. They say that among the useful or useless procedures that permanent greedy people use to achieve what they want, they include that of the "little devil in the bottle", that is, a pact with the devil, in which the devil gives wealth to the person concerned, but in exchange stay with your soul.
So that the interested ones can obtain a "little devil of the bottle", the recommendation is that the first step in this sense must be the accomplishment of the demonic pact. After that, the person will have to get the egg from which will be born a small capetinha of about 15 cm, egg that comes from a chicken impregnated by Lucifer (as it is believed in certain regions), or of a rooster (as is believed in other ). To find him (the egg), the believer will need to look for him during the period of Lent, and finding him, take him under his left arm, the next Friday before midnight, at a crossroads, and there awaits the change of day. Already at the dawn of tomorrow made today, he will return home, keep the egg in a safe place and lie down for the well-deserved rest. Forty days later, the egg will be born a little devil, who must be immediately locked in a transparent glass bottle, well closed, which is to avoid any unpleasant unforeseen events. From then on, over the years, the devil will enrich his owner, and after his death, will take his soul where no one knows

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